What’s the Deal with Tom Hanks?

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018)
Nice scarf, Tom

At the time of this post, Sporcle has published 13 separate quizzes about Tom Hanks. The man has never been president, he’s never been to Kyrgyzstan, and he’s never played for a professional sports team, but somehow we’ve managed to find over a dozen well-made quizzes that have to do with this one actor. We also have at least 45 more quizzes that feature Mr. Hanks that we have yet to deem worthy of the Sporcle home page. Currently, we have a few theories about why Tom Hanks is so prevalent on our website.

1. Tom Hanks secretly owns Sporcle.

While we did once find a mysterious Wilson Volleyball in front of our front door one day, there’s no evidence that Mr. Hanks owns Sporcle and is secretly using it to put forward an evil, secret, trivia-based Hanks conspiracy across the world. Of course, that would be exactly the thing we’d say if we really did have a secret Hanks agenda, so it’s hard to dismiss this theory completely.

2. Tom Hanks is our frenemy.

This is actually the first time we’ve ever had the word ‘frenemy’ on the blog, and we had to check with the interns on how to spell it. So now that we know how to spell it and what one is, we can’t rule out that we have this sort of relationship with Mr. Hanks. Of course, like all great modern feuds, this one will be fought over Twitter and in YouTube comment sections.

3. We’re afraid he’ll try to make another hip hop video if we don’t support his movie career.

4.  Synergy.

If we know one thing, it’s that buzzwords work, and if there’s a way to synergistically leverage our efficiencies through direct-sale b2b marketing, we’ll do it.

5. There’s no crying in baseball.


We actually didn’t have a 5th theory, so instead we’re just going to post this video from “A League of Their Own”.




  1. The scarf is an Aston Villa one. It’s a football (soccer) team he supports in England.

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