Welcome to Sporcle University

Over time, we’ve had many requests for a Sporcle forum where users can post messages to each other to discuss issues of the site at large, or just learn how to make better quizzes. We looked at our options and now we’ve created a Google group called Sporcle University.

Sporcle University is an open forum where anyone can post questions or comments and talk about just about any Sporcle-related thing they want. Things are just getting started, but if you have any thoughts or questions, post them on the forum, or contact us directly from our Feedback page.



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  1. I love you Sporcle. I’ve wasted countless hours when I should have been studying playing your quizzes. And you know what? I probably learned more on Sporcle than I did in most of my GE classes. Possibly combined. I <3 you.

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