Brooklyn Nets Have Arrived on Sporcle

It always causes a bit of a stir at Sporcle HQ when major sports teams change their name or move to a different city. In the last year alone, we’ve had the Atlanta Thrashers morph into the Winnipeg Jets and the Florida Marlins become the Miami Marlins. These small name changes can wreak havok on Sporcle, as many of our quizzes include specific questions about where teams are from or the first letter of their name. The latest in this long saga is the New Jersey Nets, who have now become the Brooklyn Nets.

As for how this effects the site, it primarily changes quizzes where you need to name the ‘Big 4’  or NBA teams that fit the specified criteria. Earlier stat quizzes where a player may have a record acquired with the New Jersey Nets, will still display the old team name. If you happen to see a quiz that needs to be updated from New Jersey to Brooklyn, please submit a quiz report using the ‘Report a Quiz’ link or send us a note at our Feedback page.