Top Comments of the Week (04/13)

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

We always love to read all the funny and insightful comments you leave throughout the week, so much so that we’ve decided to highlight our favorite five each and every Friday. Check out our favorite witty comments below:

1. From: Countries in Countries

ablattThis would have been easier if there was a country named “Stan”.

2. From: One-Word Song Titles by Synonym

Evil44I forgot how to spell that Aretha Franklin song.

3. From: Clickable Matching Pairs

PoguesMan that made my eyes blurry.

4. From: Easter Egg Scramble

WCRoentgenDo I forfeit my “man card” because I thought the fashion magazines were easier than the beers?

5. From: Bill Murray Movies by Picture

hodgetigerThe weirdest thing happened when playing this quiz: I was doing it for the first time, but it felt like I had been taking it over and over again every day! And ‘I got you babe’ was playing in my head!