How to Create a Clickable Quiz

Everybody loves a good ‘Clickable’ quiz. It’s great for the poor spellers, poor typers, and mouse enthusiasts among us. Check out the below screenshot below to see what we’re talking about.


This quiz type features a host of options similar to other quizzes on Sporcle, and allows wrong answer, answer in order, and something we like to call ‘decoy’ answers, where any bonus answer featured in the quiz will be displayed as a ‘decoy’ on the screen. (i.e. Somalia in the example above)

Check out some example games below, and an entire How-To guide after the jump.

Adds up to 11

State Abbr. Button Blitz with Booby Traps

Numbers in Spanish (Clickable)

So you want to make a Clickable game?

Creating a clickable game is much like creating the classic game type on Sporcle, with a few small changes.  When you go to create a new quiz, you’ll now have two options for game creation “Classic” and “Clickable”. As you go through the game creation process, you can toggle between them if you decide you’d like to switch up the game type.


Once you select Clickable Games as your game type, your options for the game change quite a bit as well. Let’s go over them.

Clickable Options | Sporcle
Wrong Answer Ends the Quiz
Just like with a Classic Game, this is set up using Sporcle’s Bonus answers. In a Clickable game, bonus answers will be displayed. With this option turned on, these bonus answers can be considered “Mines”. If a user clicks one, the game will end.

Allow Images in Questions and Answers
You can now add images to clickable quizzes! Keep in mind that this feature is not compatible with multi-column matching quizzes, and sorting gallery style quizzes.

To enable them in the data tab, you first need to check this “Allow Images in Questions and Answers” box and save. The data tab will now have URL fields available. Enter the URLs of the images you want to use, and you can check the display by testing your quiz!

For hint images the maximum size is 918 x 150px, and for answer images the maximum is 880 x 100px. We will automatically scale images down as needed. Question and answer text are suggested for the results page to display correctly – you can still hide them from players with the “Hide question text on quiz page” and “Hide answer text on quiz page” checkboxes.

Data Tab Clickable Images | Sporcle

Use hints and force answers in order
This quiz type cycles through the hints and forces users to answer one click at a time. Great for memory quizzes. The random option allows you to cycle the hints through in random order.

Group common answers
When this option is enabled, all instances of an identical answer are grouped into one button. A good example of this can be seen in the Odd or Even? quiz. Instead of 10 odd buttons and 10 even buttons, there’s just one of each, which can be used multiple times.

Disable answer button after all its hints have been guessed
This option will gray out a button after all of the appropriate hints have been guessed.

Hide the previous/next question
This option hides the Previous and Next buttons in the quiz, forcing players to answer questions they are presenting with in order, without skipping.

Randomize order of questions
By default, the questions will be asked in the order you place them in the data tab. Check this to have the questions randomized on a play by play basis.

Randomize order of answers
By default, answers will display in the order you place them in the data tab, with bonus answers appearing at the end. This option will randomize the order of both regular and bonus answers.

Put answers in alphabetical order
Another option that just changes the display of the answer boxes. This is helpful for incorporating bonus answers into a quiz seamlessly.

Ignore ‘The’ when sorting
This option ignores the word ‘The’ when alphabetizing your answers. This is useful especially when alphabetizing movie and book titles.
If you still have any trouble making a Clickable quiz, our Youtube channel has a video walkthrough for Clickable quiz creation.

Let us know if there are any features you’d love to see follow this format in the comments below. Thanks!




  1. OK, so this thing has been extremely popular from the start, which is good. One thing that might be useful though, is to be able to reuse some buttons for multiple questions (eg. true-false test, or other “this or that” style quizzes). I suppose the existing classic quizzes do this well enough, but it’s a thought.

  2. I’m having a bit of trouble making a clickable minefield quiz – not sure how to designate the mines for a clickable one. Any help?

      • Under the options tab, click the ‘Wrong answers end the quiz’ check box. Any bonus answer in the quiz is considered a wrong answer, so anything with an ee will blow you up using that option.

  3. Since I’ve joined Sporcle about 1/2 a year ago, Sporcle has evolved in many ways. This is the newest way, and in my opinion, the biggest way. But I ask yet for another way to evolve: somehow notify people when someone replies to their comment. There’s no point of replying to someone if they never play the quiz again. So maybe (the way YouTube has it, for example), you make like a ‘reply’ button or something on someone’s comment. Not to be mean or anything, but I feel people will read replies to their own comments more easily if they’re notified.

    • Oh, and I feel stupid not to mention that the way this blog has it is at least better. Here you can reply to someone else’s comment when you click ‘Reply’. But I don’t think you would be notified if someone replies to you here. Maybe send an e-mail or something?

      • To answer your question, the Sporcle Blog is built on WordPress, while the comments section on the site was built by the Sporcle team. I’ll take your comment under consideration though. Thanks.

  4. if you make a clickable MINE game, is there any way to make a wrong answer end the game but NOT reveal all the correct answers? it doesn’t look like you can do so – I think that would give allow more replay of a game if you don’t get all correct the first time.

  5. In the results page for these sorts of quizzes, are the answers sorted by which one was clicked more often, or by which prompt was answered correctly most often?

    As an example, the quiz gives the player a species, and the player has to click the correct phylum. There are multiple clickables for each phylum. Does the relative ordering of (for example) the different arthropoda clickables in the results list reflect which “arthropoda” label people liked to click most often, or does it reflect how good players were at categorizing each individual species?

    Hopefully this makes sense…

  6. Okay I need help, I am trying to make a clickable quiz where I give a hint and there are more than one answer from a selection of 30 or so. If that doesn’t make sense here is example The hint would be NFL Teams located in “New York” and all 32 teams would be able to be picked. I want them to answer bills,jets, giants in no particular order then when you finish new york i want the next hint to be teams located in “California” and you name all the cali teams but the new york teams are still able to be picked from. (this isnt my actual quiz idea i just need to come up with an example) if this doesnt make sense i can explain in further detail but please help!

    • To make this kind of quiz, you must have a separate hint for each answer. However all of the New York teams would have the exact same hint (spaces, punctuation and everything). Then after listing the answer, put a / and list the alternates (all separated with the /). The first answer listed will be the one that displays on the quiz. If you have further questions, write to us at

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