Sporcle Links of the Day: Blackout Edition

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

We know our readers love the internet just as much as we do, so we thought you might want to see some of the links we’ve been passing around at Sporcle HQ. Just be sure to let us know about anything awesome we might have missed in the comments. Good luck!

  • As you may have noticed, we didn’t go dark today like Wikipedia and other sites, but we did oppose the controversial SOPA/PIPA bills in our own way. [Sporcle Blackout]
  • We loved Google’s simple and effective ‘Take Action’ page today. Last we heard they’ve had over 4.5 million people sign their petition.[End Piracy, Not Liberty]
  • On a less serious note, we couldn’t help but love this video of a baby Sloth taking a bath. The cute level is off the charts.[Bath Time for Baby Sloths]
  • For your random and amazing Sporcle quiz of the day, we’ve selected Movies Dogs Like. There’s no pun like a dog pun.