Sporcler of the Week

Every Friday, Sporcle announces our latest Sporcler of the week. We typically highlight a user we’ve noticed doing great things on the site recently, or honoring someone for their body of work as a whole. This week we honor someone who has consistently made great quizzes and has been a bit of a Sporclebrity for a while: Trivahappy.

All you need to do is check Triviahappy’s published game list to see a great Sporcler with a wide variety of created quizzes. Triviahappy has created over one hundred quizzes that have been played over 2.8 million times, and currently sits at #22 on our quizmaster leaderboard. If you haven’t had the chance, do yourself a favor and play a few.

Be sure to check back again next week for the latest user of the week announcement!