Sporcle Links of the Day: Mission to Mars Edition

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

We know our readers love the internet just as much as we do, so we think you might want to see some of the links that we’re passing around at Sporcle HQ. Just make sure to let us know about any links we might have missed in the comments. Enjoy the clickable carnage below!

  • We’ve updated the contributed games section of your user profile. You can now sort by category and Editor Picks. Perfect for the user who likes things just-so. [Sporcle Profile]
  • YouTube revealed some seriously awesome updates to their interface and options today. Over it’s lifetime, YouTube has become a serious cultural phenomenon, and it’s good to see it continue to grow. [YouTube]
  • The Republican presidential race has taken more twists and turns than a tornado, and it’s showing no sign of letting up. In a new poll today, Newt Gingrich has pulled way out in the lead. [Boston.com]
  • We recently came across the EmergencyPuppy twitter account, that is described as: “For those moments when you really need to look at a puppy”. It’s as awesome as it sounds. [Twitter]
  • NASA launched the new Mars rover Curiousity into Space today. The latest Martian rover’s mission is to discover organic life on Mars. It should reach the red planet in a little over eight months. [Wall Street Journal]
  • For your random and amazing Sporcle quiz of the day, we’ve selected a Mars inspired quiz: Fewest Water Resources tasks you with guessing the countries that have a short water supply. Better bring your own.