Sporcle Links of the Day: Happy Holidays Edition

We know our readers love the internet just as much as we do, so we think you might want to see some of the links that we’re passing around at Sporcle HQ. Just make sure to let us know about any links we might have missed in the comments. Happy Holidays!

  • Sporcle has an updated page filled with the most popular quizzes of the day. If you’re ever curious to see what your fellow Sporclers are playing, be sure to check it out. [Sporcle Popular Games]
  • Google has quietly released some fun for the holidays. Just search for ‘Let It Snow’ and see what happens. [Google]
  • The trailer for The Hobbit was released today, and we’re pretty excited about the whole thing. Is there a dubstep version of that Dwarven hymn yet? [The Hobbit Trailer]
  • It looks like Frankincense is slowly becoming a thing of the past. We had to read this article to finally figure out exactly what it was. [USA Today]
  • For your random and amazing Sporcle quiz of the day, we’ve selected the 12 Days of Christmas. Honestly, we think that’s just too many leaping lords for our taste.