Top Comments of the Week (12/03)

We always love to read all the funny and insightful comments you leave throughout the week, so much so that we’ve decided to highlight our favorite five each and every Friday. Check out our favorite witty comments below:

1. From: Are You Smarter Than a College Student?

gwaehel: The real victory here is that I managed to spell Tchaikovsky correctly on the first try.

2. From: Space Bar Challenge

graemeh88: Not sure if getting 100% was worth the broken space bar…

3. From: Most Visited Websites (2011)

snwidget: I feel like I’m using the internet in an entirely different fashion than most people.

4. From: Billy Joel’s ‘Piano Man’

roseman: Does anyone else think how lyrically fortuitous Billy Joel was, that Davy was in the Navy and not some other line of the military, let alone another job entirely.

5. From: Country Countdown

razorz: This quiz is best enjoyed while listening to Europe’s “The Final Countdown”.