Sporcle Links of the Day: Cyber Monday Edition

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

We know our readers love the internet just as much as we do, so we think you might want to see some of the links that we’re passing around at Sporcle HQ. Just make sure to let us know about any links we might have missed in the comments. Enjoy the clickable carnage below!

  • Check out the popular tag cloud on our Sporcle tags page. 2010 was a popular year on our site tag-wise.[Sporcle Tags]
  • Today is Cyber Monday which is exciting for any retailer out there. Though it does sort of leave us wondering if anyone ever used the word Cyberspace besides the local news. [Cyber Monday]
  • Of course, we haven’t yet mentioned Black Friday, where in the linked video, a group of adults can be seen fighting over a $2 Waffle Maker. This can’t be good for the human race as whole. [Waffle Maker Riot]
  • A few head coaches received the axe today in college Football. Rick Neuheisel and Dennis Erickson were both fired for what seems like the 15th time each. [LA Times]
  • For your random and amazing Sporcle quiz of the day, we’ve selected the Same Movie, Different Name. When Hollywood runs out of ideas, it just makes the same movie over and over again (Sometimes at the same time).