Check Out our New Challenge Features

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

We’ve been making changes to our challenge features over the past few months and now we’ve reached a major milestone in the evolution of Sporcle Challenge with some exciting new features that makes creating and receiving challenges even easier.

If you’ve ever wanted more control over what type of challenges you can receive or want to be able to receive challenges from anyone on Sporcle then you’re going to love this new update. We’ve created the idea of open challenges so that you can challenge any random user from across the site to a random quiz and see how you match up. We’ve also made numerous enhancements to the design so that you can more easily challenge all day long. Check out more detail of all of the new features after the jump.

Challenge Settings

We’ve made it so that now any user can now receive random challenges in their categories of choice from other users. We’ve updated our challenge settings page so that you can now choose exactly who you’ll accept challenges from, and in which categories.

As you can see, you can easily specify the who and the what of your new challenges. If you hate sports, you can make sure that you never see another sports challenge again.

Re-designed Challenge Page

We’ve redesigned our challenge page to make it even easier for you to challenge anyone (or a computer) to any type of challenge you want. Just click one button to challenge the Sporcle-bot, a friend, or a random Sporcler.

Finally, we’ve made plenty of smaller tweaks to the Challenge interface. For example, we removed the obscured title from random challenges, so now instead of seeing a category, you see the actual quiz title. We’ve also made it possible for you to have more than one open challenge against the Sporcle computer at once, so if you feel like creating a bunch of challenges and playing them all in a row, you can do that as much as you like.

Just remember if you want to play challenges on Sporcle, you must have a verified Sporcle account, so if you haven’t made it yet, make sure you sign up for Sporcle.