Sporcle Links of the Day: National Dessert Day

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

We know our readers love the internet just as much as we do, so we think you might want to see some of the links that we’re passing around at Sporcle HQ. Just make sure to let us know about any links we might have missed in the comments. Enjoy the clickable carnage below!

  • We’ve been paying special attention to the Sporcle Television section lately. We might have to cut back on our TV watching a bit… [Sporcle TV Trivia]
  • It seems that today is National Dessert Day. We realize that it’s exists for no reason, but who are we to argue with dessert? [Twitter]
  • Crazy people everywhere are currently waiting in line for their iPhone 4S. Little do they know that the first 100k sold are secretly made of chocolate. [Bloomberg]
  • MLB playoffs continue tonight with Milwakee and St. Louis both vying to break the series tie. The playoffs have been exciting this year and we can’t wait for more. [MLB]
  • Google made the announcement today that they’re shutting down Google Buzz. Honestly we’d be much more upset if we could remember what it was. [Mashable]
  • For your random and amazing Sporcle quiz of the day, we’ve selected the Dessert or Desert?. With it being national dessert day we thought it might be appropriate to help confuse you even more with this diabolical quiz. Sure,  you think you can tell them apart, but after this quiz you won’t know which one is delicious and which you might traverse on a horse with no name.

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