Introducing… the PAUSE button!

You’ve named 191 of the 194 countries.  You have only one more three letter body to come up with.  You’ve got all of the Super Bowl Champions except for 1973.  Then tragedy strikes!  The phone rings; there’s a knock at the door; the professor is asking you a question; the kitchen is on fire!  Starting over would be tragic.

Well now there’s a solution- the Sporcle pause button.  As of October 1st you’ll notice that our clock has changed and that there’s a button right next to it to pause the quiz you’re taking in case real life interrupts you in the middle of a quiz.

We’re confident that you won’t use it to cheat.




  1. Awesome! Amazing addition, which is much welcome. Unfortunately, however, I’ve experienced some problems with it. I can, indeed pause the quiz, but I couldn’t resume it. Rechecked: apparently it works fine using Firefox, but not if using Opera.

  2. Hi all, love the pause button, and the new clock looks so much better. But there’s a problem. I don’t know about other browsers, but Safari for Mac will not let me resume my games, and then I have to start over again. Help Please!!

  3. Would a choice of clock be possible to add to the settings? The clock is very big and annoying to me, and I liked the previous one much better.

  4. When I joined Sporcle a month ago, I chose my user name while playing games, being interrupted, and wanting to resume (without using the intervening time to “think” or “look up answers,” etc). My user name is “needapausebutton.” Gee, uh, thanks for listening Sporcle-Powers-That-Be!

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