Going Back to School

Summer’s over?

So it’s after Labor Day and you know what that means, school is back in session for a lot of you (both teachers and students). We know that Sporcle can be helpful as a study guide in the classroom, but we know that sometimes it’s tough to not play a few quizzes about Harry Potter in the middle of your study session. Of course, most colleges aren’t coming back to class for a few more weeks, so we’re very curious about what you’ll be playing when you get back.

Here are a few school-related quizzes to get you started as you spend more time on Sporcle. First of all, give Popular High School Nicknames a try, to see if your school has one of the more common nicknames in the US. Then try your hand at naming popular movies set in high school with High School Movies. We wouldn’t want to give you too much work too fast, but you could also cleanse the rust from your brain by playing High School Math Odyssey.

If you’re looking for a few higher education quizzes, you can try naming all the schools in the Ivy League or see if you can name the college towns. You could also see where your school is ranked in our Top U.S. Universities quiz. Finally, if you’re looking for a real challenge, try to guess the most popular college majors.

Let us know what you’re most looking for in the upcoming school year in our comments section.