Happy Labor Day Weekend!

The United States celebrates the first Monday in September as Labor Day, and we thought that while celebrating the unofficial end of summer, we could throw some trivia your way, since plenty of people don’t know how Labor Day came about.

Labor Day became a federal holiday in 1894 after a particularly violent strike breaking incident related to the Pullman Strike. It started when Pullman manufacturing employees went on strike due to poor wages. Eventually, almost all members of the American Railway Union refused to work on Pullman cars and most of the American railway system was shut down. Grover Cleveland subsequently ordered in the military, and violence ensued. After the dust settled, Cleveland decided that reconciliation was his best option, and pushed hard to create a new holiday celebrating the worker.

In 2011, Labor Day is observed a little bit differently. It’s typically the last weekend of BBQ season and a signal that football season is about to begin. We know it also means that school is going to be back in session soon for most of you, and that means much more Sporcle study time. Fortunately, we have plenty of great quizzes to tide you over on this long weekend and help you fill your brain with even more facts and trivia.


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