Welcome to ‘Back to School’ Week on Sporcle

(Last Updated On: November 15, 2019)

Back to School Week


Welcome to Back to School week on Sporcle! This week we’re aiming to get your school year started off right and highlight some of the great quizzes we’ve featured over the last three months. This week we’re going to be not only highlighting great quizzes but also running some fun contests, so be sure to check back all week on the Sporcle Blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter for more info. Now, on to the quizzes.

The biggest development of the last few months is the the development of the Sporcle wrong answer quiz. Call them Landmines, Minefield quizzes or Booby Traps, some of these wrong answer quizzes are filled with tension as you begin to type in your next answer. You wonder to yourself, just how many times has Cho Chang been mentioned in Harry Potter? or Which states border Ohio? We also introduced some great This or That style quizzes like The Beatles or Rebecca Black quiz as well as as the always-entertaining Drug or Pokemon quiz.

After the jump, be sure to check out some more excellent Sporcle quizzes from over the summer.

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