The Longest Quiz

Today we published Combination Lock: Albums of the ’80s on the homepage. This quiz has a time limit of 20 minutes and is the kind of quiz you might need to pull out of a pen and a piece of paper to solve. It can be a tough quiz to get into, and while it might not take you the full 20 minutes, it’s tough enough that the  absolute shortest completion times we’ve seen are about 10-12 minutes, which is a pretty big chunk of time. A quiz of this length and difficulty is pretty rare on Sporcle, and in fact we’ve only published 70 total quizzes out of over 6500 that are even 20 minutes long. In fact, we’ve only published about 100 quizzes total that are even above 15 minutes. We do sort quizzes by length, so if you’re ever looking for challenges of a certain length, be sure to check out that page.

We encourage you all to take a look at all of our long quizzes and when you have the time, give them a shot and see what kind of Sporcle Adventure they have to offer.



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  1. In case anyone is curious, the most common length of time for a published quiz is 5 minutes. Almost 1000 quizzes have this length.

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