New Sporcle Subcategories

In the last couple of days we’ve added two new subcategories to Sporcle: This or That and Minefield. These two types of quizzes have been incredibly popular over the last few months and we’ve had quite a few requests to turn these into their own subcategory. Now thanks to their popularity and your suggestions we’ve added them to the site.

This begs the question: What other popular Sporcle tags should we add as subcategories? Let us know in the comments.




  1. You can go here to see Editor Picks:

    I think the problem with Editor or Curator picks as being subcategories, is that which category does it fit into? Unless you could have an ‘Editor Pick’ subcategory and ‘Curator Pick’ subcategory under each main category; Geogrraphy, History etc

  2. How about something like ‘Art’ in either History or Miscellaneous? It’s never really been the most popular tag but it covers a clearly defined range of quizzes which otherwise aren’t really categorised under the existing site taxonomy. A well defined subcategory might encourage more people to make those kinds of quizzes too.

    Possibly also something called ‘Author’ for Literature quizzes about a particular author or where you are having to guess the author. That one might be a little too vague and end up just being tagged on every single Literature quiz though.

  3. How about a subcategory for World Leaders (generic)? You know, dictators, presidents, et cetera.

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