Sporcle has a Sister! picplz!

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

Today Sporcle is excited to announce that we’ve taken over management and ownership of the popular photo sharing service picplz.  If you haven’t heard of picplz, check out the web site and download the mobile app on your iPhone or Android device.  picplz is the best place to take photos from your mobile device and instantly share them across the web.  We’re excited about what the future holds for picplz and have big plans for the direction of the product.

But what does photo sharing have to do with trivia?  Nothing!  So why would Sporcle do this?  Like Sporcle, picplz is a website and a suite of mobile applications used by millions of people around the world.  As Sporcle has grown up, we’ve learned how to operate a large website and associated mobile applications.  picplz is a lot of what Sporcle is but in a totally different space.  We’re looking forward to keeping picplz running and nurturing its growth, much the same way as we did with Sporcle.

Rest assured that Sporcle will continue to get the same love and care it gets today.  We’re really looking forward to some of the new features we have been working on for Sporcle that are going to be revealed in the coming months.  So keep playing our games and continue to give us your invaluable feedback.

Oh, and while you’re at it, snap a few pictures.



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