Harry Potter Week on Sporcle

(Last Updated On: October 6, 2015)

Sporcle is getting ready for the release of the latest 8th Harry Potter movie on Friday (Wait, how many books were there?) with a deluge of Harry Potter related quizzes for the entire week.

Every single day we’ll be publishing a bonus Harry Potter quiz for you to enjoy, and we’ll be checking in with Harry Potter blog posts all week. All you have to do is check back here every day for a new update on the new Harry Potter quiz of the day, and what other exciting Harry Potter quizzes you might want to play.

We’ve also designed our Harry Potter subcategory for the week to give Sporcle a dark, wizardy feel for all those who are interested in checking out the new quizzes. We suggest you get over there and get playing as quickly as possible.

More about this week’s quizzes after the jump.

Monday is all about the Harry Potter books, and we’ve published the Harry Potter Minefield quiz so you can add a little danger to your day by trying to name the top 50 characters mentioned in Harry Potter, without naming anyone who isn’t listed. Once you’ve been blown to smithereens, you should give yourself a short at the original Harry Potter top 200 quizzes. Then see if you can name the Harry Potter trivia with the Harry Potter name chain. If you’re a more alphabetical person try Harry Potter A-Z.

Check back tomorrow for our Tuesday featured Harry Potter quiz along with a fun photoshop contest.



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