Happy South Sudan Independence Day!

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)
The flag of South Sudan

Hey everyone,

It’s South Sudan Independence Day here on Sporcle and we’re now adding South Sudan to all of our Geography quizzes as necessary. There still may be more added in the future as new data about South Sudan is released.

You might be wondering why we’re releasing all of our Sudan quizzes today on July 8th when South Sudan doesn’t become officially independent until July 9th. There are a couple reasons. First, as South Sudan is in the East Africa Time Zone, they are much closer to Saturday than Sporcle is (11 Hours ahead). If we updated everything on Saturday, we’d actually be behind the times. Second, we’d rather make the change on a Friday anyway, as traffic is much higher and we have the opportunity to get info to more of our users about the big changes.

Finally, to prepare you for all the updated quizzes, we’ve put together some South Sudan facts after the jump.

Official Name: Republic of South Sudan

Capital: Juba

President: Salva Kiir Mayardit

Area: 619, 745 Square km

Population: An estimated 7.5 to 9.7 million people (No exact data yet)

Flag Colors: Black, Red, Green, Blue , Yellow, White

Bordering Countries: Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, DRC, Central African Republic, Sudan

Currency: Sudanese Pound

Time Zone: East African (+3)





  1. According to Wikipedia they are Arabic and English, which is the same as Sudan, but we haven’t been able to determine it officially.

  2. Isn’t it a bit premature including it already, seeing it’s not widely recognized, not yet, anyway. Just because it declares independence, I’m not sure you should include it in right away, because, why then not include Palestine, Northern Cyprus, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Western Sahara (Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic) and many others.

  3. Have all the stats for Sudan been updated as well (reduced area, population size etc)?

  4. My first-ever Sporcle post (been playing but just signed up) is to ask two questions. (1) Doesn’t white count as a flag color for South Sudan? BBC says six colors. In the U.S., we say ours is “red, white and blue” and the French flag can be called the tricolor. (2) BBC says South Sudan will be/is the 193rd U.N. nation. Sporcle’s updated Alphabetical Countries quiz shows 196. I’m not arguing anything, but I’m curious which are different/more. Also FWIW, BBC says English and Arabic are official languages. Thanks. Sporcle is great.

  5. Their official web site — http://www.goss.org/ — reflects a bright optimism for their future. Long may it last. At the very bottom of the homepage there’s a hyperlink to an .mp3 of their new National Anthem. You can just hear the hope in their voices.

  6. I noticed you guys are accepting Southern Sudan as an answer in some cases. I don’t think that’s right. You don’t accept Southern Korea or Southern Africa. I say only accept South Sudan.

  7. So have changes been made to the games where Sudan would be an answer (such as games regarding land area/ size, population, ect)?

  8. Add “South Sudan” to the “African Landlocked Countries” Quiz and add the quiz to the main page as an updated quiz about Africa.

  9. This is pretty exciting. I keep thinking about all the quizzes this is going to affect: flags of the world, countries of the world, capitals of the world, the 2 minefield quizzes published recently, border quizzes, landlocked countries, countries that start with ‘S’, etc. Good luck with the updates Sporcle!

  10. Hey everyone – If you are seeing errors on a quiz please be sure to report the error using the report link from the quiz page. Thanks for the reports/info in the thread. It’s much appreciated.

  11. Also yeah, I also added white. Would you believe I’m color blind to the color white? Is that a thing? I must have it.

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