What’s your favorite Sporcle Subcategory?

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

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Recently we updated all of our subcategory pages with a new look and feel, now that they’ve been out for a while (complete with curators) we’d love to know which subcategories you like the best and why. Add your favorite subcategory and why you’re such a big fan to the comment section below and we’ll randomly select 5 commenters to receive a free Sporcle t-shirt.

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  1. I’m fond of the Comics and Superhero subcategories, I’m a comic book geek and it helps me test my knowledge for roleplay purposes. 🙂

    • Geography, because as a kid I had a book with all the flags of all the countries and their capitals, and I knew them all by heart. This was of course before the collapse of the Soviet Union, so it was much later through sporcle that I learned even more countries, including sporcle’s favourite country, Kyrgyzstan.

    • My favorite is geography. ever since i was a kid i always studied maps and was fascinated with them. now i just like learning interesting facts and useful (unuseful) knowledge about parts of the world. Its also because i love traveling!

    • I love the Geography quizes because I get lost very often and they help me reorient myself!

  2. My favorite subcategory is Sports because there is such a broad base of topics and it is essentially never ending in the possibilities to test your knowledge.

  3. My favorite subcategory is Miscellaneous. In particular, the games where you name any host of random things that all fit some larger category, like all under the same letter. Those are the best!

  4. The Harry Potter subcategory of literature. A terrific reward for having devoted a childhood to rereading and memorizing the details of those books.

  5. I LOVE the Daily Dose! I am all about consistency, and they are always there – daily. 🙂

  6. I’m a big fan of the State subcategory, under Geography. So many interesting ways to look at the country, many of which I’ve never thought about before. It’s always a fun challenge!

  7. My favorite category is geography because the quizzes help my understanding of current events and also help me with my memory.

  8. Sports! Always love to test my knowledge/learn more about sports, especially NBA and NFL. Love the website keep the great quizes coming please!

  9. Geography especially ones related to the United States because I’m a huge nerd

  10. I have always loved History, so that category is my favorite. To be challenged about the past is to strengthen ourselves for what is yet to be.

  11. Geography…I always wanted to be a cartographer growing up. I ended up in neuroscience.

  12. I love the Safe Cracker under Just for Fun, mostly because I find them addictive!

  13. It’s Harry Potter, for sure. Darned if I haven’t explored every inch of that subcategory.

  14. The movies category is where it’s at! I just tried naming every movie that Samuel L. Jackson has ever been in and failed miserably

  15. My favorite subcategory would be “Clips” under “Music”… Listening to the songs in a few second clip is really fun and challenging.. especially when you have a group of people shouting out answers. 😀

  16. Geography! I love learning about new capitols, countries, mountain ranges etc.

  17. Just wanted to say that my favourite sub-category is the Harry Potter one, because I love all things Harry Potter. However, I am EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED that Canadian residents cannot enter this contest. You can pass that on to your lawyers. 🙁

  18. Sports/NFL. I’m a sucker for pro football – despite being a lifelong Lions’ fan.

  19. Love the baby names and Christmas! It’s fun to test myself on lyrics and see how naming trends have changed over the years.

  20. My favorite category is science because there’s nothing like regurgitating facts I learned throughout my high school days.

  21. History, because I’m a huge history buff, and we had a lot of fun playing some of the games in my AP US History class this year!

  22. Obviously, my favorite subcategory is Justin Bieber in the Music category! J BIEBZZZ!!! The only reason why this is my favorite is because I find it extremely funny that he gets his own subcategory…

  23. Geography is best for me — I use it with my students (I’m a social studies teacher), and I think it helps them type more effectively as well.

  24. It’s a close one, but I definitely like the US Presidents subcategory under History the best over Country for Geography. Most users would say there’s only so much you can do with 43 men; I say it pushes the boundaries of creativity. There are quizzes with haikus about presidents, where they visited, speeches they’ve made, etc, and they’re all fun. It doesn’t hurt that the very first quiz was naming all the presidents, either! 🙂

  25. I’d have to say Bible–it’s what I studied in school, so I tend to get good scores on it.

  26. Geography–it seems the most useful. Though I am always happy to get above 50% on any sports quiz. 🙂

  27. Anatomy. I really want to be a medical examiner and Sporcle helps me learn new things about the human body! Plus, new anatomy quizzes are rarely made, so when one is made it’s very exciting!

  28. I would definitely say the Harry Potter subcategory is my favorite. I’ve read all the books and seen all the movies, and those quizzes are some that I actually do good on!

  29. Geography, because it gives me a fun way to learn it! I hate staring at maps, except for the awesome sporkle ones! Nothing else has worked yet for learning the countries of Africa.

  30. Just For Fun is my favorite, because I particularly enjoy the mixed word puzzles.

  31. I like pretty much all the categories on Sporcle. My favorite is probably the daily word ladders.. I don’t know if that counts as a sub category though.

  32. My favorite Sporcle subcategory has to be blitz under Just For Fun. Blitzes are great because they require quick thinking and can be great quizzes to do in groups. The blitz subcategory also crams together totally unrelated things, so it requires knowledge about everything and kinda tests what you learned doing all the other quizzes on Sporcle.

  33. I find myself playing in the literature category more than any others. Part of it is because I’m an English teacher and so I like to test my knowledge. Also, it gives me ideas of books I probably need to read.

  34. Definitely Geography. I have always enjoyed it, but never really learned a lot about it until the last few months on Sporcle. I now know every country and it’s capital city. Everyone I know thinks that is insane. I think it is cool to know things about other places and people. either way, I owe it to Sporcle!!

  35. Puzzle, under Just for Fun. There are so many awesome quizzes there, but I LOVE pretty much and Word Laddyrinth!

  36. I LOVE LOVE Just for Fun!! It covers lots of different things and it just fun!!

  37. I love the NHL subcategory in Sports. I think I’ve learned more about ice hockey in the year or so since I started playing and making quizzes on the subject than I did in the 10 years previous!

  38. i loove the movies, tv, and music categories…i get them down so well and theyre fun!

  39. I’m all about movies and literature. My number one subcategory is Harry Potter followed by Shakespeare. I also love the Superheroes.

  40. I love the geography quizzes the best, it always amazes me how many different ways you can get us to think about countries, states, capitals, etc. One of these days I might even remember how to properly spell Kyrzygstan! 🙂

  41. My favorite is Geography because I’m relearning all the countries–there have been a lot of changes since I was in 9th grade in 1985. Although I’m still crap at the ‘Stans.

  42. DC Comics subcategory in Entertainment. I’m a big comic book nerd and I especially enjoy Superman and all of the DC Universe.

  43. Pretty much any of the sports subcategories. I go to sports trivia nights at the local sports bar, and have won many times. Most of my wins can be attributed to Sporcle quizzes that I had done either that day, or in the past. So because of you guys, I have won a lot of money.

  44. my vote is for the ‘capital’ subcategory. i originally nurtured my geography obsession by learning all of the countries of the world, but because quizzes about those countries’ capitals were so readily available, i pushed forward until i had conquered them as well. what an extremely useful service on team trivia night!

  45. Either geography or literature! Geography because I’ve always been quite good with memorizing countries and borders, and literature because there are so many Harry Potter quizzes!

  46. I absolutely adore exploring all categories through the search bar. I pride myself on my knowledge of Broadway musicals, and the best and most exciting way for me to learn about them is through Sporcle quizzes. I simply type “musicals” into the search bar, and voila! An endless supply of both user created, and Sporcle created quizzes to test my knowledge of all my favorite Broadway shows. I can’t thank you enough for the endless hours of fun and learning you have provided me with. I love the advantage the quizzes give when I am in my acting and Musical theatre classes. I ace all my quizzes and win every competition because of my endless knowledge. Thank you Sporcle! Keep on keeping on 😉

  47. I am the biggest Harry Potter geek I know, and in Physics class my other Potter-fan friends and I would just do Harry Potter quizzes instead of our worksheets. We regret nothing 🙂

  48. My favorite subcategory is Broadway, it’s one of the things I’m most knowledgeable about and there aren’t nearly enough quizzes! The people who do make them usually put a bit more effort into them than the average sporcle quiz so I appreciate it. 🙂

  49. Geography is my favourite; lots of pro European games there. It would be history, if it weren’t so US centric 😛

  50. I love all the literature quizes, basically because i am a nerd and i love to read classics. Plus, it makes me smarter than most in English class! P.S. i LOVE Harry Potter too!

  51. I like many of the sports categories, and also I enjoy playing the music quizzes from the 90s and early 2000s, especially the ones when you listen to clips. Great idea and the trivia never stops. Keep it up!

  52. I like the History subcategory because I enjoy learning about some things I have “forgotten”.

  53. My favorite is the word ladders. There are new ones every day and span from a huge challenge to very easy. There is one for every person.

  54. I like the music category, especially the games with clips because it makes it fun to sporcle in a large group of people!

  55. My favorite category is the misc category. Its filled with the greatest useful/trivial facts that anyone would ever want to learn.

  56. Geography is my favourite section. It’s the one which has done the best job of eroding my ignorance. Before I found Sporcle, I believed Sierra Leone was near India, Guyana was in Africa, and Costa Rica was a beach resort in Spain.

  57. I love the Geography category because its a great way to test memory and exercise visual/eidetic methods which can be useful in any aspect of life.

  58. My favorite is the Lost subcategory of Television. I followed that show from the third season on and the tests on there really test my knowledge of the show. I love it!!

  59. Music- no, movies… No! Music… yeah, that’s it…wait… yeah, yeah… it’s diffinetly music.

  60. I love the gaming category because video games are my favorite pastime, and the nostalgia of some of those quizzes is a great trip for any fan.

  61. I love the pokemon subcategory
    really sends me back a few years trying to remember all those generation one pokemon. Once I can get all those i’ll have to move on to 2nd generation 🙂

  62. I love wordladder I love words! but my favorite quiz is the U.S. Presidents quiz. My mother taught me to memorize all the presidents when I was 3 yrs old and she liked to show me off to her friends. She passed away when I was 8 but not before instilling a love of trivia into her only kid. Go Sporcle!

  63. Geography! I was getting really rusty on countries and common languages, but I’m getting better! My goal is to get a 100% on the “Countries of the World” quiz!

  64. My favorite category is sports. It never gets old and it brings back great memories of past years.

  65. History, because even though I’m a history teacher, there’s still a lot I don’t know (or have forgotten) just because there’s so much out there.

  66. I love MLB under Sports because I am a die-hard baseball fan. I know everything there is to know about baseball. Let’s go Mets! I also love Rock under Music because I am in love with classic hard rock from the ’70’s and ’80’s.

  67. Geography is the best. You get to learn about obscure countries like Timor-Leste, Sao Tome and Principe, Tuvalu, Kiribati, Vanuatu, and Palau.

  68. “Continent” under geography is my favorite subcategory because the quizzes in this section tend to incorporate a very wide range of geographical topics, such as capitals, borders, political leaders, landforms, etc., requiring one to analyze a great breadth of geographical knowledge and experience in a short time frame in order to succeed.

  69. It is difficult to just choose one – I like Author, Novel, Literary Character, Country and Catholic. I enjoy many of the quizzes. Thank you to all who create them!

  70. Popular subcatergory under miscellaneous….but to be even more specific, Harry Potter!

  71. My favorite category is music and my favorite subcategory is The Beatles. My parents and I like to play The Beatles games together especially any of the listening games and the “Figure out the Lyrics” games.

  72. I can’t get enough of the Geography section. Where else can I test my knowledge of everything from state capitals to countries of Asia? “Countries of the World” has to be my favorite quiz on Sporcle, because (like most Geography quizzes) you can do it over and over to get better, without getting bored.

  73. Personally, I love the quizzes in the Letters subcategory of Language. I always have to think a little bit extra to come up with the answers on those, makes them fun. I also like the Beatles subcategory in Music – I get excited when I see a new “Guess the Beatles Song Lyrics” quiz!

  74. My favorite subcategory is music, especially the ones with sound clips so I can sing along (or at least try…)

  75. i love rock under music because i am in love with classic hard rock from the 70’s and 80’s and am in the Juillard School for Electric Guitar, which I want to learn how to play like Angus Young and Eddie Van Halen.

  76. games and sports are my favorite categories. I am a sports nut and I love to boggle myself with trivial facts about baseball! Also, naming toys and features of board games is quite challenging for one who never really played with toys growing up

  77. I love Baby Names. I am a veteran teacher, and it’s fun to think back over the years to remember which names were popular in the seventies, eighties, etc. I also enjoy comparing the ones from previous decades/centuries with the present to see which names have remained popular. Last, I collect names with the intention of writing a book entitled What Not To Name Your Baby. I pick up some “interesting” names for my collection from this subcategory.

  78. Well, im a huge dork. so i like the science section :). and also, it helps me with my classes. no lie. thanks Sporcle!

  79. Oh, I can’t choose just one! I love geography – where else can you practice all those spellings and random categories of countries, not to mention the elation at naming all countries and capitals? I also enjoy the most popular baby names categories as well as the word ladders and labyrinths.

  80. I could spend hours on the literature section, especially Harry Potter! The quizzes are so creative and well thought out that i find myself doing ones about things i don’t even know, just because they sound amazing.

  81. My favorite subcategory would be Just For Fun unless The Daily Dose counts as a subcategory. Just For Fun is so random, but requires no knowledge. Daily Dose is addicting too, and I have to go on Sporcle everyday to play. My mom and I always test and see who got the better score.

  82. I love pretty much all of the quizzes in Movies, but my personal favorite “subcategories” are the Director and Role quizzes. I am a film major in college, and doing these quizzes do 3 things for me. 1. They let me bone up on my field of study. 2. They allow me to challenge myself to prove that I really know my stuff. And 3. They let me brag to other people how much I really know about movies. And it’s a lot. Haha.

  83. sports because they’re so many different statistics, players, rules, and rich history, as well as other facts that can be made into a quiz.

  84. i like the music lyrics subcategory because i can remember them pretty well unless they’re from bands that are super old, and even then i still know a few just because they are in so many sporcle quizzes.

  85. I certainly freaking love Geography because Sporcle is really the best method to learn the names, locations, and capitals of countries. And which countries don’t contain the letter “l”, which is useful as well.

  86. Roman. As a classics major, I love seeing the many Roman history quizzes out there that aren’t as popular with your average Sporcler, as well as creating some quizzes of my own in the subcategory.

  87. US Presidents/Political History under History, because when I gave up on grad school and changed careers, I took with me an absurd volume of trivia that would be utterly useless to me if it weren’t for Sporcle. Completing Sporcle quizzes is useful, right? Please, help me justify all those wasted tuition dollars.

  88. My favorite subcategory is Baby Names! I love baby names quizzes because it’s a fun challenge trying to remember 100 or 200 popular names from a given year. Whereas some things, like state capitals, stay the same year after year, the popular baby names change constantly, which keeps things interesting. I like seeing how many I can remember (and laughing at the dorky names people used to have back in the olden days. Horace, anyone?)

  89. I love the subcat. clips under music. I love trying to figure out a song by listening to a short snippet of it. My son, who just graduated from HS loves the video games snippets.

  90. World. I love geography, the world quiz-types are generally my favorite (listing off countries in a hurry), and there’s a really cool curator for the world category.

  91. Oh, gosh. My favorite is so easy! It’s Disney!
    I absolutely love answering Disney trivia. Sporcle couldn’t do better in that respect, because not only does it consistently have new Disney quizzes, but they’re so impossibly creative to boot. There’s nowhere else on the entirety of the internet that has such creative quizzes and games. Sporcle’s definitely one of a kind.

  92. Geography is by far my favorite category! I have always loved maps. My 4th grade teacher use to use flash cards to help us learn the countries of the world, I became too good to play, so my teacher would have me flash the cards. Keep bringing the country games!

  93. my favorite subcategory is geography, because it’s a challenge, and it’s fun for me to do. my record for the country name game is 145, which is great but the best, which proves my point. i also like sports, but that category is too easy for me, so that’s why i love geography.

  94. The Family Guy subcategory is my fave. If Sporcle didn’t exist, where would the best Family Guy quizzes be?

  95. Pokemon! With 600+ Pokemon, the variety of quizzes that are possible is endless! And there’s always a special place in my heart for that good ol’ Pokemon Red and Blue.

  96. Sports. You think you know everything about sports until you try one of these quizzes then you realize you’re not that smart.

  97. Well, I love every single category almost equally. But if I had to choose I would say science. I always have fun with these quizzes! Math/Science was my major in college and I continue to learn more and more about this subject while playing these quizzes! Keep up the awesome work at Sporcle! You guys rock and I love all of your iPhone/iPad apps! Your site is one of the few that I actually view on a daily basis. Also, if I don’t win the shirt, is there a place to purchase Sporcle Fan-Wear? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  98. I can’t win a T-Shirt, but thought I’d chime in. My favourite area of Sporcle (not necessarily a subcategory) is the “User Created” section of Sporcle? Have you been there? Give it a shot; it’s a wild, wonderful and often bizarre den of awesome quizzes destined to be published, and hilariously strange quizzes destined for the cutting room floor.

    You never know what you’ll find there, and heck, you may work up the nerve to create your own quiz too!

  99. My favorite subcategory would have to be Chemistry. I love the creative ways that Sporclers have wielded the Periodic Table to do everything from identifying elements not ending in M to creating movie titles solely from chemical symbols.

  100. Sports!! As a college student at the University of Michigan, I have always loved sports, as it is the one way my father and I always bonded. It helps keep us from fighting 🙂

  101. My favorite category is by far Geography and my favorite subcategory is World. I love learning about far-away (and not so far-away) places. Since I cannot afford to travel at this time, I can have fun planning eventual trips.

  102. I love anything minimalism! There should be so, so many more. “Can you name the minimalist Mario characters?” “Can you name the minimalist logos?” “Can you name the minimalist sports logos?”

  103. My favorite category and subcategory is probably Music –> Lyrics. Music is an essential part of my life. I listen to it on my way to work, while I’m doing homework, and when I am just hanging out with my friends. This portion of Sporcle, allows me to challenge myself and see if all of the time spent listening to music has taught me anything.

  104. I love the NCAA subcategory, because it combines the best of your college football and college basketball quizzes. Keep up the great work gang!

  105. Although I like playing a variety of different subcategories, the Sports is the one I like best. The possibilities are endless because of the one thing that drives sports….STATS.

  106. The best category is the Just for Fun, because word ladders are addicting and safe crackers are not only a great adrenaline rush but best played with a group of people to yell out answers.

  107. American history… my father was a history teacher for 32 years, so I accumulated all this useless information about American history from my dad. Now, I finally get a chance to actually use the knowledge I have. Its very exciting to see quizzes like presidents middle names.

  108. My favorite is the science physics/astronomy subcategory because I like to test my knowledge.

  109. My favorite is Sports because I am in love with all things sports. I love to play as soon as I see a new quiz is up, even if it has yet to be verified by Sporcle. My friend introduced me to this website about 2 years ago, and I have been addicted ever since.

  110. My favorite subcategory is Harry Potter. They are my favorite books, and there are so many quizzes in that category. Plus, I almost always really like a featured quizzes on that page.

  111. Literature! For the sole purpose of Harry Potter quizzes. I check everyday to see if there is a new one having anything to do with Harry Potter. I rarely find one that I can’t do but I love them all the same

  112. My favorite subcategory is countries. I have always been a little hazy about the countries of Asia and Africa. I have enjoyed the geography lesson I get from playing these games.

  113. Geography is my favorite because on road trips as a kid I would spend hours and hours pouring over the atlas just studying, noticing, soaking in geographical information, and it’s been interesting to me ever since. I learned all of the world’s countries and most of the capitals thanks to Sporcle! I’m so ready for Jeopardy now!

  114. I would say NFL because with a lockout looming, I will have a lot of extra time to Sporcle about football, rather than actually watch it.

  115. Mine is Disney as well. I grew up on the stuff, my favorite vacations were to Disneyland or Disneyworld, and still can’t get enough. (I guess it’s genetic because my kids ask to watch Tangled almost everyday.) You’d never think that you could make hundreds of original quizzes about one family of movies, but they keep coming and they’re all great.
    I try to play at least 1-2 user made quizzes each day.

  116. Actually, what would really help is if the “user-created” “view all quizzes” page was sorted by creation date, intead of number of plays. That way we could find the new ones that are in our favorite subcategories.

  117. Music — lyrics. I especially enjoy the “guess the lyrics with no clues” quizzies.

  118. My favorite subcategory is harry potter, because I love Harry Potter and some of them really test my knowledge:)


  119. I have to go with the Gaming subcategory of “Video.” I’ve been thoroughly infused with videogaming since the late 70’s, yet I still find some of the quizzes in here that stump me. And those that don’t often take me for wonderful strolls down memory lane. Videogames and Sporcle is like playing a game about games. What could be better?

  120. Subcategory Oscars in the Movie category. Oscars are my best category and I love trying to get 100%.

  121. I favorite subcategory is geography, by far. I can stare for hours at a map and just try to make as vivid of picture in my head that I can. Sporcle is a way better geography teacher than my 7th grade teacher was.

  122. My favorite subcategory on Sporcle.com would most definitely be movies. I have been involved in the performing arts since 1986 when I was four years old. I have a B.A. in Musical Theatre and Vocal Performance and I can’t see myself ever not involved in some way with the media. I love to teach and it is always fun to have some sort of trivia to make classes fun and interesting for my students. One thing that Sporcle has done for me is broadened my horizons in the field of knowledge with such an impact in a fun way! This is important as it is the most proven way to help others. This isn’t just a website for fun-distractions, but for growth and intellect. Keep up the amazing work and dedication!

  123. my favorite subcategory is the 100 greatest rap/hip hop artists.i love this b/c i love all the old school rap like biggie and tupac and eazy e. this really tested my skills and i still havent been able to get all the artists. i play this quiz every time i get on sporcle, and i always will. SPORCLE FOR LIFE!!!

  124. Most definitely geography. Nothing better than being able to look at a map with random lines on it know what they represent. I’m a Geo-Nerd.

  125. GEOGRAPHY!!! I love the world! It helps me see beyond my window were the computer is. 🙂

  126. Got to be Geography, its the easiest category to learn from and I very much enjoy baffling people with my new knowledge! Any excuse to show off 😛

  127. miscellaneous! because they are the most random quizzes and fun ones like same letter. just for fun is great too!

  128. Geography is definitely the best! It never gets tiring to retry the countries of the world! I always seem to miss two, but they change every time! I can’t tell you the countless things about geography I’ve learned since I started using Sporcle, and not one quiz in the Geography section has ever bored me!

  129. Oddly enough, my favorite subcategory is “population” under the Geography section! Those are my favorite quizzes! Yay nerd moment!

  130. I’m definitely a fan of the geography category; there are so many challenging-bordering-on-impossible quizzes! It’s the kind of difficulty I’ve been trying to find for a while.

  131. It’s definitely the Star Wars subcategory. It validates the countless hours spent watching the movies and perfecting my Yoda voice. Do or do not, there is no try.

  132. I like geography. I love studying maps and cities and learning about the history. From sporcle, I’ve learned so much more! I think I’ve played almost every game about geography on sporcle. It’s exciting, I think I’m a nerd:)

  133. Geography, this category helped me with my school classes and I can now spell some of the most interesting words for word related games. also since the world is becoming more globalized I believe that more people should know at least the names of countries even if they don’t know any major facts about them.

  134. Geography quizzes interest me most, especially guessing the biggest cities in a particular country/state/region.

  135. Capital in Geography section. It is because I was on the It’s Academic team in high school and had a huge liking for geography (as well history and science). Within geography, the concept of visiting all the capitals of the world fascinated me and I hope to do that soon. Before that though, I brush up on my capitals by playing Sporcle capitals quiz every once in a while!

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