The Winnipeg Jets have arrived on Sporcle

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)
This is (probably) not the new Jets logo.

Hey everyone, as you might have heard the old Atlanta Thrashers became the Winnipeg Jets over the weekend. These kinds of updates (just like South Sudan) can cause all sorts of problems on Sporcle, but we’ve gone through and updated just about every published quiz we can find. Going forward, if you see a quiz where you think the Jets should be included, but aren’t, please report the quiz, or send us a note at our feedback page.

Older season-based stats quizzes (2000-2001 to 2010-2011 seasons) will still use the Thrashers as a hint, while any new quizzes or quizzes that deal with all-time stats will refer to the franchise as the Winnipeg Jets. The Jets are going to be playing at the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, and their new head coach is Claude Noel. Andrew Ladd will remain as captain.

Note to Thrashers fans: As some of  us at Sporcle are Sonics fans, we know it can be rough losing a local team.  Try making a documentary about your experience, it seemed to help Seattle.



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  1. Losing the *Thrashers*? As an Atlanta native, I’m still trying to cope with losing the *Flames*, whose games I went to as a child. Two different NHL teams stolen by Canada in my lifetime–it’s absurd, I tell you.

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