Sporcle is Becoming a Minefield

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

When we released the new wrong answer features last month we had a few ideas for how users might take our tools and make some quizzes out of them. We were pretty sure that Drug or Pokemon was going to be a big hit and a fun challenge for users. What we didn’t exactly anticipate was the the rush of landmine and minefield quizzes that have been dominating both the front page and our user created section over the past couple of weeks.

We’d like to give credit to former editor puckett86 for creating the format on our site, as well as kcostell for creating Most Populous Nations Minefield which after being out for only a few weeks has surpassed 250,000 plays. We’ve also created the minefield tag on Sporcle in order to help keep this format organized. Of course, with popularity comes parody, so why not try taking the ‘Mime’ field or the Seinfeld Minefield quizzes if you’re looking for something different.




  1. I can’t seem to make one properly. I know you need a “dummy” answer to take in all of the mines, but how do you get it to display a correct “safe” message up until the point when a mine is detonated?

  2. Hi Steve. Try formatting it something like this:

    Mine: No Mines hit yet/Answer 1/Answer 2….
    1 Answer 1
    2 Answer 2
    …. ……..
    Mine Mine 1 ee

    The mine always replaces the top line in the answers so your dummy answer goes in field 1. It has to have a different name in the hint field to your mines or it doesn’t work. I’ve done it here by adding a colon so you can see. A space works fine too. You also want to have a message brought up when someone gets a correct answer so include all your correct answers as alternates to your dummy answer message (you only have something like 255 characters so if it is a big minefield only your first few answers will trigger it). Hope this helps anyone who has been struggling to put them together.

  3. For some reason the spacings were taken away from my comment. I’ve added in some lines to try and delineate the columns

    Mine:| No Mines hit yet/Answer 1/Answer 2….
    1| Answer 1
    2| Answer 2
    Mine| Mine 1| ee

    • Hi Bazmerelda i tried doing this but it does’nt work please could you maybe explain it in more detail please!!!!


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