Photoshop Contest Success!

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

Thanks everyone for submitting so many great entries. There was a ton of great photoshop work, and we’ll have to do it again sometime. We’re sorry to anyone who posted an Anthony Weiner-based entry, they were brilliant but for the common good, we couldn’t approve them.

If we had to pick a winner (and it’s tough with all the amazing entries), it might actually be this awesome IMDB mock-up for Sporcle: The Movie which we’ve linked below (Be sure to click through to read description):

We’re sad to see it go, but the original entry here was removed. Sorry folks.




  1. The movie isn’t being released until Dec 17 and it already has an 8.4 with 135,000 ratings. Must’ve already been released in Kyrgyzstan.

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