Curator Picks

Maybe we should get some night watchmen as well.

So you probably noticed that Sporcle added over 150 subcategories a few weeks ago, and in doing so we added something called ‘Curator Picks’. You might be confused about what that is and what it means, so here’s a quick overview.

A curator pick is very similar to an editor’s pick in that it gives a quizz a certain amount of notoriety on Sporcle, however, a curator pick will only show up on a specific subcategory. For instance, if a quiz tagged with MLB or Pixar is picked as a Curator’s Pick, the quiz would show up at the top of only those subcategories. This is somewhat different than an Editor’s pick, which shows up on both the category page, and any relevant subcategories.

The second thing you might be wondering is: How do I become a curator? That’s a very good question. Right now we are openly seeking new curators for each of our 150 subcategories. We’d prefer it to be someone who has created quizzes, is already a frequent commenter, and is passionate about the topic they are curating as well. We’re allowing users to curate up to two subcategories currently, so go ahead and apply at our Feedback page.




  1. I’d like to apply to be a curator on either Disney or Pixar.
    I have a ridiculous collection of Disney movies (including foreign versions of Song of the South, since you can’t buy it in the US) and paraphernalia (pins and more pins) and can also help any user contributed Disney quizzes.

  2. Damn you all! (I say that in a loving way, of course…) Back when I was super-active on the site, I would have leaped at this opportunity, but now I am all irrelevant and such. But I’m glad you’ve offered something like this. It’s nice of you to expand the community and get more people involved. 🙂

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