“Ode to Sporcle”

Just like a young, Twilight-obsessed teenage girl who’s spotted the likes of Edward (Robert Patterson) – we here at Sporcle were ecstatic when we received this poem from Sporcle fan and user, Terry Wilson. Thank you Terry, this brightened up our day – so much so that we knew we had to share it!  We hope every one enjoys this ode to Sporcle as much as we did.

Sporcle, Sporcle, little quiz,
Who the hell you think I is?
Certainly not a trivia whiz.
I’m humbled by your silly tests:
Like Asian nations (alphabetic),
Or esoteric missing lyric,
And birds by photos of their nests.
I scramble to unscramble names
Of knighted British acting dames,
Or Hollywooden guys called James
With “Love Me” tattooed on their chests.
Then there’s your insane wordy ladder.
When time runs out I’m all the madder.
Not to mention Minute Morsel
(Truth be told, I’d rather snorkel)
Than play another game on Sporcle.
But then (alas) each morning early
I find myself drawn ever surely
To wonder what new quizzes might
Appear that day on Sporcle’s site
It’s bookmarked in my Favorites (natch)
A simple click away to match
My wits against the other fools
Who know that masochism rules.
Geriatrics, some, or infantile
We can’t resist just one more trial
To reach the ultimate percentile—
99 that magic number
Makes me feel dumb and dumber.
So why, you ask me, do I do it,
Play each day, though I eschew it,
The answer’s clear, in case you care,
Sporcle beats Spider Solitaire.

— Terry Wilson