Extreme Makeover: Category and Tag Page Edition

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)
We didn't even need to enlist the help of Ty Pennington.

You might have noticed some smaller tweaks to the design of our category pages over the last few months, but today we’ve released what we think is a pretty significant upgrade to the way you interact with our 15 category pages, as well as dozens of our most popular tag pages across the site.

If you go to the History category for example, you’ll see a variety of changes, mostly notably, Editor Picks are highlighted much more prominently and we’ve added more information on challenge win leaders in each category. So if you’ve always suspected you were the best of the best at Geography quizzes, you can test yourself against the current leaders. We’ve also highlighted comments that have been voted up the most. Now, if you make a great comment, you might just end up a little more famous on Sporcle.

The updates to the popular tag pages are just as exciting. If you check out any popular tag, like MLB for example, you can see that we’ve updated these tags to look very similar to the category pages, and so they are now in effect full-blown subcategories that have as much information as a regular category. Our editors can now nominate quizzes for an Editor’s Pick in a specific tag as well, so it’s now much easier for our editors to nominate a niche subject and not worry about whether everyone in a category might be a fan. We think this is great for certain tags that user’s have requested we separate out in to their own category in the past. For example, Harry Potter or Premier League Football.

Please let us know at our feedback page if you have any suggestions or comments about the new look.

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