Earth Day

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)
It still ain't easy...

As you might have heard Earth Day is today, April 22nd. We’re thinking about a company hike up one of the local mountains… though honestly, we’re secretly hoping we can find one with WiFi so we can take our laptops with us. (That still counts right?).  Regardless of our love for Sporcle and all things computer-related, we  don’t live off of florescent lighting alone. Sporcle, Inc. houses many plants, the occasional canine or two and in the Seattle office, we have MANY windows to catch that ever elusive phenomenon called “ Seattle sunlight“. In fact, Seattle is very environmentally conscious, right down to all of our restaurants being required to use only recyclable and compostable containers for food and drink. (Sporcle also disposes of all expired quizzes in an environmentally friendly manner as well)

In preparation for Earth Day, check out it’s website and see what people all around the world are doing for a Billion Acts of Green and then brainstorm. It’s a global crusade and everyone has a part. Don’t believe me? Dig a little deep (no pun intended)  and you’ll discover events going in Kuwait, Columbia, and Italy, to name a few. In fact, whether you speak French or Spanish, Earth Day is a great reason (or excuse) to get outside, soak up some vitamin D and play in the dirt.

You can also test your knowledge about our planet. Not surprisingly, most of us here at Sporcle couldn’t figure out what the dirt and air around us was made of – even though we walk on it and breath it in regularly. If you need a new perspective, you can see what other countries are doing to stay green and that, although it’s great,  it’s not always easy as Kermit once infamously said.

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