Sundance Film Festival in London

Just to be clear, the Sundance Kid came first.

Robert Redford, one of our favorite actors, has just announced that London will now be the second stage of the Sundance Film Festival which is normally held in Park City, Utah.

We here at Sporcle would like to extend our congratulations to London. We are excited that they too will have have some of the first glimpses of the freshest independent films from around the world. You can now add another line to that list of things Utah and London have in common.

It’s a bit of an understatement to say that we’re movie buffs…in fact, as much as we love summer blockbusters and big name movie stars like George Clooney and Julia Roberts, we are also big fans of independent films. Most people may not be aware that Precious was originally at Sundance, as was Restrepo and Supersize Me.

If you’re a die hard fan of the festival, you probably spend every spring in Park City. Before you plan your trip to the Festival in London, here are a few facts. First, know that the festival will be held in 2012 from April 26 – 29 at The O2 (in what was the former Millennium Dome). When you go, pack your wool socks, a nice jacket and most importantly brush up on your London trivia before you get there. You want to come across as an educated visitor, not a frantic tourist. While in London, be sure to also show off your impressive knowledge that you’ve learned about Utah.

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