Remove Word Filters

Not this kind of filter.

Hey everyone,

As you know, we’re always trying to add great new features to Sporcle, large or small. This week we’ve had a couple of new filter options, one for quiz creators and another that helps customize your activity feed.

The first feature is something we’ve heard quite a few requests for. In every quiz we filter common text (the/a/and/&) by default. This can cause problems when a user wants to use one of those four as an actual answer in their quiz.(Figure out the Lyrics, is a good example). In the past, only an admin could remove those filters by request, but now we’ve added a new checkbox on the game creation page, that will allow you to remove them yourself (if necessary). If you do remove the default words, we’d recommend giving quiz-takers a heads up in the game notes section.

The other filter-related improvement can be seen on your activity page. In the past, all you could was the entire activity feed for everyone you followed, but now we’ve given you a few filtering controls, so if you’d only like to see what the people you follow have been commenting, or what games they’ve been creating, you can easily do that by selecting the appropriate checkboxes. If you have any questions or comments, please make sure and drop us a note.