Quiz Rating Guidelines

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

Something we get a lot of feedback about here at Sporcle is quiz ratings, and what to do when you believe your quizzes has been unfairly targeted with ratings abuse, or if your account has been blocked, and you’re not sure why.  With over 160 thousand quizzes on the site, ratings are a very important way for the Sporcle staff (and editors) to discover great new quizzes. We’ve had users in the past rate many quizzes a 1 in order to remove it from the ratings chart to give their own quizzes a better shot, and that’s something we don’t tolerate. If we feel you’ve been abusing our ratings policy (outlined below) all of your ratings will be removed and your ability to rate, comment and create quizzes will be blocked. Alternately if you feel like you’re quizzes have been targeted with undue low ratings, please notify us at our feedback page.

To give you a better idea of what we’re looking for in different ratings on a quiz, we’ve compiled a few guidelines that you should follow when rating quizzes.

5- Great quizzes: Well laid out, well constructed, fun and challenging to play. These
quizzes are creative and original or a clever twist on an old idea. The creators of these
quizzes are responsive to user comments. Worthy of a nomination and a front page
4- Good quizzes: A step below the best, these quizzes are still fun to play and well
constructed. Many quizzes in this category are still worthy of a front page appearance.
3- Average quizzes: Education and Entertainment value is undermined by errors in quiz
construction, mistakes in answers or questionable subject matter.
2- Poor quizzes: Significant errors, poor design/layout and poor execution.
1- Abysmal quizzes: No redeeming value. Quizzes are unplayable, based on
inappropriate subject matter, personal information or minutiae. This rating should not be
used to target specific individuals nor to attempt to remove successful quizzes from
leader boards. Misusing this rating may result in the disabling of your Sporcle account.