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(Last Updated On: April 11, 2023)

Quiz ratings are an important feature on Sporcle. Staff members and Editors take them into consideration when picking contributed quizzes, players use them to quickly determine if a quiz is worth their time, and they help quiz creators better understand the level of creativity and accuracy required for their quizzes to stand out.

It’s a very simple system: a quiz can be rated from 1 globe to 5 globes by a registered Sporcle user, who can then change their rating, or revoke it, at any time. The average of those quiz ratings, rounded to the first decimal, is displayed on the quiz page. If the globe is not colored and is accompanied by the ‘Rate Quiz’ text, as in the image below, you’ve yet to rate that quiz. To rate it, click/tap this area and the five empty globes will appear. Choose between 1 and 5 globes – the globes will turn yellow on hover and clicking on desired yellow globe will submit your rating. Once you rate it, the globe turns yellow and the ‘Rate Quiz’ text changes to ‘You’ and a number of your choice. To remove or change the rating, just repeat the steps.

Whether or not you rate a quiz, and how many globes you give it, is completely up to you. However, try to be fair. We fully support the entire scope of the ratings available, but we do not tolerate using the rating system to target a specific quiz creator (or creators), nor do we tolerate attempting to manipulate the system to make your own quizzes stand out. If we feel you’ve been abusing our ratings policy or Community Guidelines, all of your ratings will be removed, and your ability to rate, comment, and create quizzes will be blocked. Alternatively, if you feel like your quizzes have been targeted with undue low ratings, please notify us on our feedback page.

Rating quizzes that you have not played is also considered bad practice, regardless of whether you give a quiz the best or the worst grade. Give the quiz a chance first, play it, and then rate it. If you think there is something that needs to be improved, post a polite and constructive comment to the quiz page, and the quiz author or a moderator will make the necessary change.

Do not act based on your Sporcle connections. Even your closest Sporcle friends will benefit from learning how to make a great quiz—do not automatically reward a quiz with the highest rating just because it was made by your friend. Be fair.

To give you a better understanding of what each of the different ratings on a quiz means, we’ve compiled a few guidelines that you should follow when rating quizzes.

Great quizzes: Well laid out, well constructed, fun, and possibly challenging to play. These quizzes are creative and original or present a clever twist on an old idea. Worthy of a nomination and a front-page publication.

 Good quizzes: A step below the best, these quizzes are still fun to play and well constructed. Many quizzes in this category are still worthy of an appearance on the front page.

 Average quizzes: These quizzes may still hold educational and entertainment value, but do not stand out among most quizzes on Sporcle. Solid, but unspectacular, sometimes having minor errors or less-than-ideal design.

 Poor quizzes: Significant errors, poor design/layout, and poor execution undermine any fun these quizzes may hold. Constructive feedback for the quiz author is advised, with hopes that the quiz maker can and will make the improvements needed.

 Abysmal quizzes: No redeeming value. These quizzes are unplayable, based on inappropriate subject matter, personal information, or minutiae. Quizzes with deliberate  misinformation or offensive or nonsensical content often belong in this group.

Finally, you may opt not to rate a quiz. That is completely fine. If you feel your feedback would not be particularly useful, if you can’t decide which rating to give, or if you simply forget to rate the quiz, this is an option, as well.

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