How To Make A Bad Sporcle Quiz

(Last Updated On: October 23, 2018)

We are often asked here at Sporcle, what is the best way for a quiz to get published to the home page? While there are a number of factors that go into what is published and why, sometimes the best way to get published is to keep in mind what NOT to do.

The How To Make A Bad Sporcle Quiz is not for everyone. If this quiz were your first experience to the site, it would be frustrating and might not make much sense. However, for the Sporcle faithful, those that have slogged through many a user contributed quiz or tried to make a quiz and found the end result less than satisfying, this quiz is genius.

It might take a few times, but play this quiz all the way through. At the end, use it as a checklist for quizzes. It is amazing how often people take the time to put together a quiz, but then don’t take the extra little bit of time to actually play their own quiz. The devil is in the details when it comes to quiz creation, and paying attention to some of these little features as highlighted by the ‘Bad Sporcle’ quiz can really bring things to light.

Remember, there are resources as your disposal as well. The FAQ has some good answers to questions and while somewhat dated, the original Game Creation Cheat Sheet still has good tips and tricks.

Of course a quiz has to be interesting and playable, but if you can avoid the pitfalls that the ‘Bad Sporcle’ quiz highlights, chances are you might see your quiz on the home page before you know it.

Got other tips and tricks or things to avoid? I’d love to hear em!

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