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(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018)

Dancing with the Stars Quizzes on SporcleWhat would Dancing with the Stars be without a Disney actor, a reality star, an athlete or two and that guy or gal you have never heard of?

Here at Sporcle, we have a strange addiction to competitive reality shows and so we are cheering for the Karate Kid – Ralph Macchio. If he can still pull off that crane technique I think he can handle a Tango!

For those getting ready for the DWTS season, here are some celebrity quizzes that we like to think of as a primer for all you need to know about Dancing with the Stars.

For starters, do you know your DWTS trivia? If so, start with some Dancing with the Stars quizzes. You can prove your DWTS knowledge by naming all the winners. Once you have mastered the winners, move on to the full contestant list. Or if the stars don’t thrill you, you could try to name Derek Hough and the other dancing professionals in this game.

In spite of myself I found that I am a reality dancing show junky and did surprisingly well at naming the different dancing styles.

Now on to the contestants. If you can name more than three Ralph Macchio movies you are either a movie genius or have spent way too much time combing through your Netflix Watch Instantly queue. Kirstie Alley continues her Dante’s inferno like descent from Cheers star to reality show maven.

That brings us to Hines Ward. I guess he figured that if he can dance after a touchdown, it only makes sense that he could try the Cha Cha or do the Foxtrot on stage. And frankly I will be happy to see Jericho in something other than a speedo.

Regardless of who you root for, we hope that these free games will whet your palette for the guilty pleasure that is Dancing with the Stars. Afterall, what is a little useless TV without some useless trivia to go with it.

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