April Fools Day Pranks

(Last Updated On: December 10, 2018)

April Fools Day Pranks

The origins to April Fools day are hard to track. Possibly the most credible association can be found from a misreading of a line in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Regardless of its origins, the big day is upon us.

Are you ready?

The key is to start planning in advance, you want to be the fooler – not the foolee.  If you’re unsure what pranks to pull, then find inspiration from one of the best prankster’s around: Jim Halpert from The Office. He’s done everything from putting Dwight’s office supplies in Jell-O  to sending Dwight letters from the “CIA” and asking him to go on secret missions.

If those examples are a bit time consuming, give a friend a call during your lunch break. Bart Simpson was infamous for calling Moe looking for people like  “Maya Buttreaks” and “I.P Freely”.  Just remember that everyone has caller ID’s now, so go with the payphone and it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a fake accent.

If you do find yourself being the object of a prank, make sure you stay classy San Diego. You don’t want to act like some of the famous celebrities that have been Punk’d by Ashton Kutcher, or resemble a fool in any way.

For those who are above the childish pranks, we commend your behavior (although we won’t join you). Tickle your intellectual side by trying quizzes on some of the important historical events that have happened in the month of April, the celebrities with April birthdays or list things that have an A & F initial, because it’s harder than you think.

But before you start typing away furiously at the keys, get warmed up with a short and easy quiz brought to you by us here at Sporcle,

Good Luck and have fun!



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