April Fools Day Pranks

The origins to April Fools day are hard to track. Possibly the most credible association can be found from a misreading of a line in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales. Regardless of its origins, the big day […]

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Quiz Rating Guidelines

Something we get a lot of feedback about here at Sporcle is quiz ratings, and what to do when you believe your quizzes has been unfairly targeted with ratings abuse, or if your account has […]

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Remove Word Filters

Hey everyone, As you know, we’re always trying to add great new features to Sporcle, large or small. This week we’ve had a couple of new filter options, one for quiz creators and another that […]

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Private Quizzes

Let me start off by introducing myself to all the blog readers. My name is Kyle (username: puckett86), and I’m currently the Just For Fun category editor. This category is loaded with a wide variety of novel and […]

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Sports and Sporcle

Let me start by introducing myself and letting you know a little bit about me. My name is Ben, and I am the current editor of the Sports section of Sporcle.  I have been working […]