Friends and Activity and other changes

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

You may have noticed a few changes this week at Sporcle. We have been busy working on new features for the site, here is a rundown of recent changes:

FriendsFind (or invite) your friends on Sporcle. If you and a friend “Follow” each other, you can compare how you did on the games pages.

Follow – Follow people on Sporcle and see their Activity. This is a list of games they have made, played or commented on.

Follow Sporcle: We have tweaked the follow Sporcle buttons to make room on the home page. This is now a handy little box at the bottom of the page.

User Created Games in Stats – You can now see your stats for all the games that you have played on the site, whether they have been published or not.

Favorites – If you have a long list of favorites, you can now remove those favorites right from the Favorites Page.

By Difficulty – The Difficulty page was updated to show the range of difficulty across all categories.

Create Page Updated – We added sortable columns to the list of games on the Create page as well as some more information here as well.

Whew! There were also a few nips and tucks along the way with many more changes to come.


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  1. The follow feature isn't working for me. I click follow, then when I look to see at my friend's activity, it says I am not following anyone.

  2. Guys, any plans in the works to easily compare scores with friends for different games, and compare games played?

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