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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

Over the last few months we have added several ways to follow Sporcle, so it seemed a good time to try and capture them all in one handy post to the blog.

We now offer a few different email options on your Sporcle Profile page.
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You can choose to get Daily or Weekly digests of the quizzes we publish to the Sporcle home page. If you contribute quizzes, you can also be notified if one of your quizzes gets selected to be published on the home page.

Sporcle has more Facebook fans than the populations of many small countries. Like Sporcleon Facebook and help us get bigger than the population of Italy!

Every game gets sent out via a Tweet. Follow Sporcle on Twitter to get the latest games, news, and tweets from the Sporcle team.

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As we add more ways to stay on top of your favorite quizzes we will add them to this post.




  1. Is it perhaps possible to send us an e-mail if we're selected as an Editor's Pick as well? That's happened to me a few times without me even noticing it…

  2. Can't thank you guys for making Sporcle enough, best trivia site out there. My friends and I have sat through all night marathons, it's insanity. We make up different ways to play, competitions, everything. Thanks!

  3. Is there a way to disable the "follow sporcle" button that seems to have ensconced itself on the lower right corner of my screen, blocking some of the clues and answers?

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