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Don’t look now, but the Sporcle iPhone app is the top trivia and educational app on iTunes.

We also cracked the top 50 for Top Paid apps on the app store.

We are hard at work on the next update. This is a major revision to the current version. We plan to have something to submit to Apple in the very near future. Without telling too much, I can tell you that we have heard the feedback from folks about wanting more games and our goal in this next update is to address this.

Here are a few reviews of the app, we wanted to share.

Why waste time wasting time on other timewasters when there is Sporcle” “

“Wow, definitely well worth the case indeed!”

“…everyone should get this app”

Thanks to everyone who has bought the app!

In other news we are in the midst of development for the Android Sporcle app. I can’t give a timetable at this point, but it is clear that people want this to happen, so we are hard at work on getting Sporcle on Android.

Now all we need is to get to work on Sporcle for the Newton…



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