Site Tweaks

Hey all,
Over the last few days we have released a couple of small changes to the site that we wanted to point out.

Hopefully people have found that they can mark a quiz as a favorite on each of the game pages. You have to be logged in to do so, but it is a pretty handy feature. You can also view the most favorited games at By Favorites.

Top Contributors
Do you make quizzes on Sporcle? If so, you might have made the leaderboard, check it out at the Top Contributors Page

Most Commented Last Seven Days
We removed the quasi-useless most commented box on the User Created Games page and replaced it with a hopefully less useless Most Commented Last 7 Days box.

Lastly, we had to plug this quiz. We will publish it after a while, but it is worth mentioning for the pure Sporcle wizardry that it is.

Until next time




  1. >I don't think that "Most commented last 7 days" box is working. My quiz got 40+ comments in 7 days and was never shown in that box, when quizzes that had 20 or 30 were.

  2. Hey I am wondering how do I user create multiple answers being acceptable…

    For instance I have a harry potter quiz…

    I want "Harry" and "Potter" and "Harry Potter" and "Harry James Potter" to all be acceptable…
    (and many similar things like that

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