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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

Hey all

As of this writing, we are experiencing a slight problem with our servers which is resulting in some comments, game corrections, and game plays not really registering properly. Don’t worry, our team or monkeys….er I mean engineers is hard at work on the problem and it should be resolved shortly.
Hang in there.




  1. With no relation to your post:

    After seeing all the quizzes with images on them, I figured that you (the user) could add your own images to them. I spent about two hours on Photoshop wiping the state names off of license plates in order to make a 'can you name the license plates' quiz. Now that I know that you can't add images, I want to know if you (sporcle admins) add the images yourself or if a user can send them to you.

    Anyways, you guys are great.

  2. hey i have a great idea for sporcle they should make a sporcle tournament between users. sporcle would pick a random quiz and the two competitors would have to try to get the most answers. if they both get them all then whoever got it first wins. just a great idea that i want to happen.(:

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