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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

It has been a long road, but we are happy to announce that the private beta of the Sporcle Game Creation tools is now public!

Things to know:
  • You can contribute up to 7 quizzes each month.
  • Quizzes are published to your user page at
  • These are live URL’s so you can send your quiz link to friends, Facebook, your blog, Twitter, MySpace, etc.
  • Some quizzes may be selected to be featured on the Sporcle home page.
Again, this is a public beta of these tools, so they are still in active development. Don’t be surprised to see changes over the coming weeks and months.
We will be posting some more blog posts on tips and tricks and best practices to help those interested in creating games.
Enjoy and let us know if you have questions, comments, or problems.




  1. >This is awesome!
    I love the tool so far and I've been enjoying creating quizzes. A couple of features that would be nice would be the ability to add bonus answers, the ability to divide answers or group them into sections, and the ability to add notes to the preamble of the quiz. But this is a great start!

  2. >Very cool. Beyond what Segacs said, one thing that would be nice would be an ability to put a bit more explanatory text in if the concept of the quiz is a bit more complicated.

  3. >Also, it would be cool if you could have a picture quiz, similar to the brand ones that are so popular. Example: I want to make a quiz with all 50 state quarters where the name of the state is erased.

  4. >This is obviously a great feature and I think we're all very happy that it's up. Thanks!

    But there are three things I'd like to see added:
    -A page on the Sporcle site that lists all user-created games to make them more accessible
    -Possibility to add bonus answers (as someone above me already said)
    -Possibility to give some explanation for the quiz (again, as someone above me said)

  5. >What does "single character answer" mean in the game options section?

    Also, is there any way we can create quizzes that only allow a certain amount of wrong answers?

  6. >Hey all, just wanted to mention in case anyone hasn't noticed that spiffy faq, you CAN create bonus answers simply by putting ee (two es, nothing else) in the "Extra info" field.

    Also, there does seem to be some way to divide the quiz into groups, as this quiz is formatted in such a way: I have no clue how it's done though!

    My Sporcle account is Lady_Galadriel if anyone's wondering…yeah, newbie. Didn't see enough point to making an account until I could do this. Now I'm even more addicted than before, which I didn't think was possible! Huge thank you Sporcle!

  7. >Where's the link to the most popular submitted quizzes now that it's been replaced by the G-20 countries link?

  8. Lady_Galadriel again. Have a couple things to say. I was experimenting and found that it seems not to be possible to make hidden answers while using the extra info column for anything else, which seems very silly to me. If that's the case there should just be a checkbox that says make answer hidden or some such. It's very inconvenient this way. Otherwise I couldn't be happier with the game creation tool though. 🙂

    The contributed games link can be found in the game creation faq now. That's here:

  9. One last note from Lady_Galadriel for those who are wondering! You divide a game into sections on the style page by selecting a number of columns from the "group answers with the same hint" drop down menu. This means that you have to use the hint field for what you want the heading to be, which is a little inconvenient. The number of columns is not how many you can have (it only goes from two to five) but how many will be in one row. Example: four to a row
    Example: three
    Just pick whichever option looks neatest and should fit most screens the best. Most of us know how annoying it is when you have to scroll to see part of a quiz.

  10. I only have two problems with this (but it's still awesome)!

    1) Maybe a way for users to vote thumbs up/thumbs down on a quiz, and a way to sort by highest rated.

    2) I know there are more than these 15 or so quizzes in each section, but there's no way to browse all the quizzes? Sadness!

    Great work, otherwise!

  11. hey!
    great project!


    how can I get images (jpg) to be hints (like for example at those skyline quizzes)?
    i would like to make a similar quiz on Austrian towns.

    greetz from Austria

  12. How do you make your quiz have multiple answers. Like You have multiple categories where the heading of each column is the hint.
    For instance

    How do you create the multiple line answer for under the category "Countries that begin with the letter A"?

  13. I can't get bonus answers! I put ee in the extra collumn but it just makes the row dissappear in the actual quiz! please help

  14. I just finished my first quiz and set it to private, meaning it only shows up under my profile. Can I switch it to public now?

  15. Great idea by sporcle to make this feature public!!!

    A lot of people have been asking on the internet on how to do the picture quiz….and i am one of them!!
    I was just wondering how to do one of these quizes because i really want to do one!!
    I am not alone so anyone….please answer!!!! Thanks…..

  16. to make a picture quiz u post the picture link in the embeded code box btw ob09 noone wants to do a quiz on austrian skylines pick a bigger city

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