Sporcle would like to thank…

On the North American holiday of Thanksgiving Day, and as we approach our 10 millionth quiz played, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank just a few of the things that have helped Sporcle become what it is today:

Prototype.js and Scriptaculous – while not the only javascript helper libraries on the internet, they were the one most complete when we created Sporcle, and they make doing a lot of the cool things we do a lot easier.

Walter Zorn’s DHTML drawing – this incomparable javascript drawing library allows us to draw pretty icons on games, fill in countries, etc. It’s really fabulous.

Grey Matters – this blog focused on all things memory was one of the very first Sporcle fans, and also has created an apple widget that displays all the Can You Name games from around the internet (Sporcle, ahem, dominates this list a bit).

You! – Without you playing, commenting, feedbacking, error correcting, friend telling and all the rest, Sporcle wouldn’t be today what it is. We are constantly striving for this site to be one of the most fun, addictive, and yes, educational sites around, and you go a long way towards it becoming that.




  1. >would be great to be able to pause a game and / or save current answers and come back to later without having to start over.

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