Sporcle Presents:
The 10 for 10 Trivia Challenge

You could win your share of $10,000!


How the 10 for 10 Tournament Event will work:

  • The event will begin on Saturday, December 11th at 8 PM Eastern.
  • The event is played in the Trivia Hunt style. This means the questions will be multi-layered and you can use any research means necessary to come up with answers. This game type is the only way we can make a virtual tournament work with cash on the line. We’d certainly much rather be doing in-person tournaments with you all, but alas Covid has other plans still…
  • There will be ten questions and your team will have 60 minutes to solve them all. You’ll submit your answers via the Trivia Hunt website. The details for accessing that site (a code will be required) will be sent on Friday, December 10th.
  • To get a taste of the types of questions we ask during Trivia Hunts, here’s a recap of a recent event: 
  • Teams will be split into three prize pool groups. The groupings are based on total games played during the 10 for 10 period. The top 33% of teams (based on games played) will be playing for $5,000. The next 33% will be playing for $3,000. The final 33% will be playing for $2,000.
  • Any team that gets all ten questions correct within the 60 minute time limit will split their designated prize pool accordingly.
  • There are no Zoom links, hosts, etc. for the event. The event will be run entirely virtually off the Trivia Hunt site. Teams are encouraged to work out ahead of time how they’ll communicate with each other.
  • If you have questions or need clarification during the event, email us at trivia-hunt@sporcle.com and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.
  • You’ll be asked during the answer submission process how you want to be paid if you win. We can do Paypal (preferred) or mail a check. Please decide ahead of time how you’d like to receive winnings.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED – Team captains should watch their inbox for the info / code needed to play. That email will arrive before the end of day Friday (12/10). If you did not receive the info email with the access code, please email trivia-hunt@sporcle.com

Prize Pools

$5,000 Prize Pool (20+ games played):
Actresses in the Outfield
Bark and Stormy
Batman and rum
Bob Loblaw’s Law Blog
Brewmasters Taproom
Burt Macklin, FBI
Cobra Kai Never Dies
Con Artists
Crab Raccoon
Dangerous Minds
Feeling Nauti
I want my money!
I’m not crazy, My mother had me tested!
Jo Mylanta
Kevin Bacon Wrapped Dates
Let’s Get Weird
Llama Sausage Pickle (???)
Mother Puckers
Nice Game Pretty Boy
Our Score Sheet Goes to 11
Performance-Enhancing Hugs
Rice Girls
Schrodinger’s Cat
Serenity Meow
Smarter than we look
Stupid Sisters
T squared
The Foxes
The Lannister Debts
The Last, Best Hope for Humanity
The New and Improved Fridays out Front
The Three Maskateers
three idiots
Triple Threat
Trivia And Relative Drinking In Space
Two Scientists Walk into a Bar
What the Shibboleth‽
What’s The Code?
Wherefore Art Thou, Borneo
You should pay the intern more
Your Mom

$3,000 Prize Pool (15-19 games played):
Aloha Mr. Hand
America F Yeah!
Beer, It’s not just for breakfast anymore
Big Red Machine
Blue Moon Investigations
Carpenter Bees
Danger Wank!
Dave’s Here
Donkey Schlong Country
Ethel Terrestrial
For all the Beans
Forty-Seven Ginger-Headed Sailors
Gene’s Machine
Greenhills Chess Club
Hoof Hearted
Jerks & Squirts
Madden Factor
Muggsy Bogues
My Baronas
Not Gearheads
Paul’s Hat
Sled Dog Millionaire
Steely Danzig
Super Pants
Tanking for Third
Team White
The Cookie Jar
The Final Meltdown
The Flying Dutchman
The Joe’s
The Louisville Sluggers
The Moops
The Quizinators
The spaghetti gang
The Wolverines
Trabek’s Rejects
Union Squares
What Would Brian Boytano Do?
Wine, Dine, 69
Wise Quackers
You Get Out What You Putin
Your Little Sister

$2,000 Prize Pool (10-14 games played):
2 Biskits & Gravy
8 Ball
Atrivial Infarction
Bad Sports
Beyond a Reasonable Stout
Bock and Calls
Boo Tom Brady Boooooooooo!!!!
Buy A Vowel
Cacher in the Why
Corks are for Quitters
Crimsons of Anarchy
Don’t tell our parents we met on Tinder
Don’t Bet The Max
Dumpster Fire
Entertainment 720
Feral Hogs
Fortney for the Win
Four Cedars
House of Stark
Jason Pierre-Pauls Chicken Finger Nibblers
Jim’s Favorites
Kessel Run
Keytar Bear’s Greatest Fans
Last Place Lounge
Least Improved Players
M-Streets Geeks
Margin of Error
Montessori Potholders
Pepper, PhD
Pink Pugz
Pray for our troops
Princess Monster Truck
Quiz in my Jorts
Rachael’s Dancing Queens
Rocky Mountain Oyster Shuckers
Skid Marks
Struggle Bussers
Supper Club
St Pete + Benjamin
That’s What She Said
The Gravy Waves
The Littmus Test
The Sand People
Threat Level Human Disaster/Genius
Tim Allen Ant Farm
To The Moon!
Weaponizing Bad Decisions nee We Drink and We Know Things
Wizards of the twelfth realm of ephesious