Sporcle Presents: The 10 for 10 Trivia Challenge Tournament Event

Thank you for being a part of the final 10 for 10 Trivia Challenge event of this season, and for your continuous love for our products – live and virtual. This Trivia Hunt gathered you all to the same familiar place that is Sporcle, and at the same time, you were able to remain at the comfort of your homes. It was a new challenge for many, but we hope you had fun looking under every rock on the World Wide Web that would lead you to the correct answers.

As a reminder, we’ve only invited teams who registered for the event and the prerequisite for it was to play at least ten 10 for 10 shows in the previous year. 117 teams submitted their answers, and over a hundred did so in allotted time! That would have been one helluva large crowd if we had all gathered live in one place!

The goal was to get all 10 answers right in under an hour, and 26 teams managed to do it. Congrats to all the winners! The fastest perfect team submitted their sheet in about 41 minutes, and the last one to do so waited until they had only 4 seconds to spare! The perfect teams will earn a piece of the prize pool cake as they’ve been sorted before the event. Right in time for Christmas!

If you enjoyed the show, and would like to do this with a host with your family, friends or colleagues, just a note that we’ve started offering private Trivia Hunt events!


We are excited to announce that we are now booking private Trivia Hunts. These hunts will be 90 minutes each (with 60 minutes being gameplay). All private hunts include a live host/Zoom call, one celebrity-reader video question, and will skew slightly on the easier side in terms of the questions.

With that said, it’s company holiday party season, so feel free to suggest a company Trivia Hunt for this year’s shindig! More info and inquiry forms can be found at www.sporcle.com/private-events

But back to this Hunt. The average score was 7.99 correct answers, so even those teams who had not scored perfectly, missed only a few. Questions #3, #6 and #8 were the most difficult ones. Question #6 wasn’t initially planned to be as difficult, but Forbes played a trick on us and redirected all the links to their 2020 list to the 2021 list, hiding the data from your eyes. We had not planned this, sorry! The trick was to look for articles such as https://www.thehandbook.com/meet-the-most-powerful-women-in-the-world-including-8-brits-who-made-the-top-100/ that covered the previous release. Also, the 2021 list had the same two women as the youngest and the oldest, so most teams managed to handle this. We also decided to accept alternative answer to Question #9 for teams who had found the height of Mount Wuteve on the old CIA World Factbook. We’ve carefully considered all the challenges you sent us, and we’re grateful for all feedback messages, comments and praise. Thank you all again!


A quick note about the questions and how we go about them: when we write each question, we test it in a small group, re-write them, and try again. A different group does a test run 2-3 days before the hunt, and again, we revise. Even with all that, we sometimes don’t discover an additional answer or a possible wording issue. We certainly do our best, and our intent is never to trick you. We want you to get them right, but we also want them to be a challenge. With that said, there are sometimes questions where there were multiple accepted answers. If your team answered a question differently than shown below, please email us to explain it before we do the scoring.  Slight misspellings are accepted. Thank you!

Question #1:

Of all the current channels in the Sirius XM lineup, only one shares its name with a planet in the Solar System. According to the NASA website, that planet has ____ Earth days in its year. If you were traveling on the US interstate highway with that same number, which major city’s metro area would you be in?

A: Denver
Discovery Path: Venus → 225 days → Interstate 225 → Denver

Question #2:

A song by Theatre of Tragedy ends with the repeated phrase “I love you” in a different language (not English). In another song from the same album, a male voice, while speaking, asks a female speaker to remove an object she’s wearing around her neck. If you add “The” to that object, you’ll get the name of a defunct rock band formed by the former drummer of a more famous rock band. What is the title of the seventh album of that more famous rock band?

A: Jazz
Discovery Path: Der Tanz der Schatten → Velvet Darkness They Fear → And When He Falleth → Cross → The Cross → Roger Taylor → Queen → Jazz

Question #3:

The oldest MLB player ever to sign a $100 million contract (at the time of signing) has won multiple Cy Young Awards. The first time he won the award, he received the most first-place votes in his league. Of the remaining players who received first-place votes the same year, which player was born closest to the capital city of Haiti?

A: Anibal Sanchez
Discovery Path: Max Scherzer → 2013 → Chris Sale (Lakeland, FL), Anibal Sanchez (Maracay, Venezuela), Clayton Kershaw (Dallas, TX), Adam Wainwright (Brunswick, GA) → Maracay is the closest to Port-au-Prince → Anibal Sanchez

Question #4:

The old two-letter ISO country code of the country whose outline is shown in this image is also the last name of a video game creator named Derek. In his most recently developed game, there’s a dog character that appears on almost every level. That dog’s name is also the first name used by a TV host who has a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. The address where his star is located begins with what four-digit number?

A: 6801
Discovery Path: Yu → Derek Yu → Spelunky 2 → Monty → Monty Hall → 6801 Hollywood Blvd. → 6801

Question #5:

R.I.P. Stephen Sondheim. The first letters of the Sondheim musicals that had their titles removed from these playbills spell out a character’s name from which Sondheim musical?

A: Company
Discovery Path: Merrily We Roll Along, A Little Night Music, Road Show, The Frogs, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum → Marta → Company

Question #6:

The oldest woman and the youngest woman on Forbes’s list of The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women in 2020 were born how many days apart?

Clarifier: Whichever birthdate you choose as your end date, do not include this date in your calculation.

A: 23,247 (we will be accepting answers that are one day off)
Discovery Path: Elizabeth II, Taylor Swift → April 21, 1926, December 13, 1989 → 23,247

Question #7:

The modern practice of ships being registered in a foreign country is called Flag of Convenience. In 2020, most such registrations were made in three countries across three different continents. Of the three countries, find the one whose base unit of its official currency has the lowest value. That country’s highest mountain peak is a four-digit number in meters. As the exact height differs between sources, use the height listed on the country page on the CIA World Factbook website. How many different letters are required to write that number in Roman numerals?

A: Seven (7)
Discovery Path: Panama, Liberia, Marshall Islands → 1 Balboa = 1 USD, 1 Liberian dollar = 0.007 USD, 1 USD → Liberia → Mount Wuteve (1,447 m) → 1447 → MCDXLVII → Seven (7)

Question #8:

Of the four US presidents who never had a vice president, find the one who served the fewest days in office. What movie was #1 at the US box office the weekend immediately following the release of the Presidential $1 Coin bearing this president’s likeness?

A: Shutter Island
Discovery Path: Millard Fillmore → February 18, 2010 → Shutter Island

Question #9:

The film score whose soundtrack opens with this piece won the Academy Award for Best Original Score within the last ten years. The same year the film was released, a television series premiered that also featured music by the same composer. What is the title of the final track on this series’s soundtrack?

A: Evacuation
Discovery Path: Joker → Hildur Guðnadóttir → Chernobyl → Evacuation

Question #10:

The car model that is the subject of this advertisement shares its name with a related award program. That award program changed its owners numerous times since the car model from the ad was first produced. The award’s collection found a safe home at a major US university. That university’s online catalog showcases two items that have that collection listed as the “main contributor.” One of those items is untitled, while the other includes a seven-letter word with just one vowel. That word is also the last name of a major character in a Fox TV series. What episode of that TV series has the most “E” letters in its title?

A: The Curse of the Pirate Bride
Discovery Path: Clio → Clio Awards → University of Indiana → Schmidt→ New Girl→ The Curse of the Pirate Bride