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What Are the Seven Summits?

What Are the Seven Summits? The term “Seven Summits” was coined by a Texas oil executive and passionate mountaineer named Dick Bass to describe the highest summits on each continent. He completed Everest, his seventh [...]

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Quiz Design for Colorblindness | Sporcle

Quiz Design for Colorblindness

When creating quizzes for a general audience, you probably consider your data first and foremost. But as we’ve outlined before, color and formatting choices can drastically affect the player experience. Color can add thematic flavor, […]

Hidden Features of Sporcle

Almost all of our users know how to find and play a quiz. Most can probably find comments, challenges, groups, even showdowns. Quiz creators use a whole other set of features on top of all […]

Trivia Team Names

The Office Trivia Team Names

The Office might have ended back in 2013, but the mockumentary sitcom continues to be a source of entertainment for many. I mean, who hasn’t spent hours scrolling through Netflix, only to wind up watching [...]

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