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What Is the Plural for Octopus?

The octopus. Widely considered one of the smartest animals around, they’re good at messing with aquarium employees or even using tools. Such genius might have you afraid of the octopus being a far less solitary [...]

Being Sporcle Bio | Jason Sterlacci

Since May 2nd, 2022, Sporcle on Twitter gets turned over to a new guest every week. We’d like to introduce everyone to our second guest: Jason Sterlacci. Jason is Sporcle’s Content Strategist and avid trivia fanatic. His [...]

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Quiz Design for Colorblindness | Sporcle

Quiz Design for Colorblindness

When creating quizzes for a general audience, you probably consider your data first and foremost. But as we’ve outlined before, color and formatting choices can drastically affect the player experience. Color can add thematic flavor, […]

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