Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch


Turn your iOS devices into a treasure trove of trivia!

Pro Version

  • New games every day
  • No ads
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Sporcle Live

The perfect companion to the world of Sporcle Live.

Free Version

  • Find shows near you
  • RSVP so your friends know that you're going
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Puzzle Words

One scrambled picture, one word, guess the word!

Free Version

  • Over 200 puzzles
  • Simple and highly addictive
  • No ads, no registration
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Badly Drawn Faces

Guess the famous faces as drawn by Sharpy the artistic narwhal. Not every app can say that is what they do, but we can.

Free Version

  • Over 450 faces to guess!
  • Use fish to get hints
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Badly Drawn Movies

Sharpy the narwhal takes on Hollywood! Guess the movie from the badly drawn scene.

Free Version

  • Hundreds of movies
  • Each movie has 2 scenes
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Word Ladder

Climb to new heights of word play!

Free Version

  • New free game every day!
  • Internet access not required to play
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