One-Star Teen Movies

by emberly13

Sometimes there's no bigger ouch than a one-star rating.
How Close Can You Get To...? IX

by gazzso

It's time to do some zooming on that map!
1-10 Letter Q Words II

by El_Dandy

Also known as "a bunch of extra Scrabble words to keep in your back pocket."
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Thursday's QuizzesJul 29
Clickable Begins and Ends: Harry Potter Characters

by SidharthSN

Time to get our your wand and cast 'Clickophelius Maxima!"
Anything but Olympic Cities

by JohnFran

This is like the 100 meter dash for knowing where the Olympics have been held.
War Movies by Poster

by midnight_dreary

While war is never a good thing, war movies are often incredible.
Big 4 Champions of the 1970s

by Anne13

From way back before many of today's current expansion teams existed...
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Television II

by Chenchilla

Sorting galleries are always fun, so this one should be mega-fun.
Giant Honeycomb II

by Barbecue

It must have been made by giant bees, right?
Word Wheels XVI

by hockeystix3

Are you ready to get behind the wheel?
Finish the Three-Word Band II

by LTH

Pretty Hate Blank by the Nine Inch Blanks is one of our favorite albums.
MCU Behind the Scenes III

by I-Am-Batman

It's always cool to take a peek behind the CGI curtain.
Wednesday's QuizzesJul 28
Nine in Time: Actors III

by Doctor_Arzt

We're sure you can do it in time, even if the actors are running behind schedule.
Borders a Six Letter State Minefield

by El_Dandy

Better cross these borders carefully.
Match the Images: Puppies!

by MSUKent

Can you hug a quiz? Time to find out.
Click the 'M' Cartoon Shows

by ddd62291

Here you'll find shows that are mighty, magic, and miraculous.

by scole9179

Rest in peace, Dusty Hill.
One-Minute Crossword XXXIX

by Qaqaq

It's a short time, but it's also a short crossword so it all works out.
Catholic Pope or Odyssey Character?

by jrage2009

Pope Charybdis sounds like he would've been pretty formidable.
Sports Illustrated Cover Stories - Olympians

by hatefulmissy

The Olympics always generate plenty of cover-worthy stories.
Same Country Landmark Match

by hjckr

We're fairly certain you won't find Stonehenge and Mount Fuji in the same country.
Tuesday's QuizzesJul 27
10 Largest Lakes in Order

by jelroy

Hopefully you can keep yourself above water on this quiz.
Those 12 Flags: Male Olympic Flag Bearers

by Flick

We apologize that Kyrgyzstan is never one of those 12 flags.
Royal Movies

by Propellerhead

Get them all right and we'll crown you as trivia royalty.
Yankees with 200 Hit Seasons

by danindetroit

At how many hits do you just stop counting?
Finish the Movie with a Movie IV

by strokes_static

We're pretty sure finishing a movie with another movie is called "making a sequel."
Spot the Difference L

by Cutthroat

Alternately, you can spot the things that are the same and just click everything else.
Unique Official Languages

by timschurz

We officially love language trivia.
Mystery Phrase Blitz: Muppet Names

by Pushcake

Now that "am I a man or am I a Muppet" song is stuck in our heads.
Pick the Correct Music Video

by SidharthSN

This is what we get for only listening to music instead of watching the videos, huh?
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