Disney Character Blitz III

by Thebiguglyalien

Maybe Disney will have a crossover with all their other characters since Marvel is doing well.
Map Criteria VII

by Barbecue

Criteria number 1: be somewhere on the Earth.
Logos with Stripes

by t_rev19

This makes us think that bar codes would be more fun with a bit of color.
Where Is That 'K' City? (USA)

by geronimostilton

Do we have a city called Kyrgyzstanville yet?
Click the US Presidents by Picture (No Names)

by El_Dandy

We accidentally shuffled all the plaques in the White House around and need help fixing it.
10 Down Blitz: NBA

by Le_Badger

10 down. Not sure how many more to go, though.
Batman Villains Typing Challenge

by I-Am-Batman

Will this quiz spawn a new villain known as The Typing Terror or Commander Keyboard?
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Thursday's QuizzesMay 13
Paint South America!

by bhenderson79

We lost our map, so we need you to remake it for us. Thanks!
TV Show by Intro Description

by JackDots

It's like reading a novelization of your favorite opening credits!
That Song in the Movie V

by MoMosMoProblems

Sometimes the soundtrack just makes the movie.
5 Answers to 1: History

by mister_pianoman

You could say that this is history in the making.
Click a Movie, Initially - Movies with Numbers

by B_Awesome_87

You can count on a good time with these movies.
Noble Gases Consonants

by Flick

If you do this fast enough, we'll recommend you for a Nobel Prize.
Either/Or in 30: Authors II

by MSUKent

Hey, at least you've got a 50/50 shot.
Double Letter Replacements

by gazzso

Let's replace two at once, it's more efficient.
British Chocolate Bars!

by triplet_3

Feel free to satisfy your sweet tooth.
Wednesday's QuizzesMay 12
Shortest-To-Longest Borders Minefield (Europe)

by SporcleEXP

We're going from tiny to lengthy, with everything in between.
Famous British Women in Movies

by mucciniale

Yes! Cue the historical dramas.
Mastermind XI

by goc3

It will take a masterful mind to solve this.
Books Missing 'R' Words

by kfastic

Well that's going to make reading them a little harder.
Rush to the Finish: Car Models

by alvir28

Get ready for a good old fashioned Sporcle street race.
Television Alter Egos

by shorlin

"The worst thing about prison was the... was the Dementors."
40 Title Actors in 40 Years

by LTH

We've got four decades of star power condensed into a few minutes.
1910s Slang

by Hejman

Get in, loser, we're going ballroom dancing.
Longest River by Continent Blitz

by Bellerophon

Navigating through them all would take a bit longer.
Tuesday's QuizzesMay 11
6 to 1: Countries by Continent V

by KVMalinwa

We sorted countries by planet at first and then realized what we were doing way too late.
Breaking '80s Movie News!

by bhenderson79

We'll need you to suspend your disbelief about news breaking four decades ago.
Perplexing Parrots Logic Puzzle

by Katie_Wandering

It gets more perplexing when the parrots start talking back.
MCU Movie by Villain

by Theflash43

At the rate we're going, everyone is going to end up a Disney villain when all said and done.
British Literature by Speech Parts

by IrishIguana

We've written a new novel. It's called Possessive Noun, Noun, Preposition, Noun. Hope you like it.
Jazz Player or Jazz Musician?

by BanjoZebra

We should have them all switch roles for a day just to see what happens.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday?

by El_Dandy

The one thing they have in common is that they all just want to be Friday.
US Landmarks & the Mississippi

by Pilgab

The first challenge was making sure we properly spelled "Miss-iss-ipp-i."
Wrong Colors: Mario Characters

by gamelord2007

He's a plumber who smashes bricks and eats mushrooms to get superpowers. Seeing the wrong color is probably the least of his problems.
'C' Anatomy

by brocko

Can you tell your coccyx from your clavicle?
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