Hidden Neighbors of Mexico

by markassonne

They're playing a really big game of hide and seek, so we've been told.
Click the US Presidents by Picture (Minefield)

by El_Dandy

The Secret Service can't protect you from these mines when you're playing this quiz.
UK Pub Quiz: British Literature

by LyndonG

For those of you who'd prefer to read a book rather than grab a pint.
Mega-Sorting Gallery: Movies II

by Chenchilla

The 'Mega-Sorting Gallery' for movies. The Oscars, in other words.
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Wednesday's QuizzesJan 20
Complete the Map Snippet IV

by t_rev19

No, we're not telling you which map we cut up.
Celebrity Sorting XVIII

by WalshyMusic

Hopefully celebrities are smart enough to sort themselves. Or rich enough to pay someone else to do it for them.
Rolling Stones Songs By Image

by I-Am-Batman

We're not sure why you're rolling that rock around, but whatever helps you get through the day.
First Names First: Literature Trios

by Hogsback

Some of these trios would make for really... interesting... literary collaborations.
2020 US Election Minefield

by Hejman

'2020 US Election Minefield' is definitely one way to put what happened in 2020.
Country by Modern Building

by NO_r_WAY

It's a wonder that some of these are structurally stable.
Hidden Human: Pixar

by GeoEarthling

Well when you exist in the same world as monsters, hiding might be a good idea.
Ronald Reagan Big 4 MVPs

by justindi01

We wonder if Reagan considered them MVPs as well, or if he had other things on his mind.
Superheroes by Bedding Set

by johncenafan612

We like to imagine this is how superheroes go to bed.
Tuesday's QuizzesJan 19
Hangman - Person

by PenguinsMeercats

Well, it is called hangman. So 'person' is kind of implied, right?
Tic-Tac-Trivia: Asia

by bhenderson79

Imagine using an entire continent as a Tic-Tac-Toe board. That would be fun, huh?
Pick 3 Famous Men

by shirleyalpha

Are we fielding a celebrity kickball team here?
Match Game: 1960s Best Pictures

by DIEGO1000

You won't need to light any matches to find the best pictures, though.
Six Sixes in Sixty: Movies

by skipster73

One of the six sixes is also a sixteen, apparently.
One-Letter-Hint 'H', 'I', and 'J' Countries

by kfastic

Multi-letter hints might give too much away.
Which TV Show Theme Song?

by Tootsnsuch

This quiz is much shorter than a three-hour tour.
10 in a Minute: English Authors

by Flick

Doing the math, that's one author every 6 seconds. Not enough to Sparknotes it.
Franchise Partners III

by jrage2009

We'll partner up with this thing. Look at how cute it is!
Monday's QuizzesJan 18
Stevie Wonder or Marvin Gaye?

by hjckr

We're leaving out Marvin Wonder and Stevie Gaye in this one.
Hoping This Finds You...

by Hejman

That means you've lost the game of hide and seek, sorry.
2010s Top Scorers: Houston Rockets

by gazzso

We wonder if the Houston Rockets could get us to the Moon or something.
Old Corporate Logos II

by LyndonG

It's like going back in time. Maybe it'll let the prices go back in time too.
MLK Is Not Talking About Sporcle

by DesertSpartan

He had quite a few other talking points to focus on.
US Vice Presidents Venn Diagram

by chaosBEE

Sometimes you just have to keep tabs on the person standing just behind the head honcho.
5 to 1: Germany

by mg10

On this day 150 years ago, the German Empire was founded.
'The Two Towers' Start to Finish

by Thebiguglyalien

It's hard to call its ending a 'finish' when it's the middle film.
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