Hollywood Squares XI

by big8dog88

All Hollywood Squares are Hollywood Rectangles but not all Hollywood Rectangles are Hollywood Squares.
LogiCrossword: Numbers 1-10 in German

by El_Dandy

Try not to confuse 'nine' with 'nein'.
'U' & 'V' Albums by 3 Singles

by ghcgh

You could call these a bunch of Ultraviolet albums.
The Last: Olympics

by knightlancer

So which medal do they get?
5 to 1: The Office

by mg10

This quiz makes us feel like the Assistant (to the) Regional Manager.
Saturday Sudoku CVI

by mike2017

Fun fact: there are over 6 sextillion possible Sudoku puzzles.
Movie Timelapse XI

by Frostfire77

This is the face we make when we click the wrong answer and then immediately notice the correct one.
Capitals by Last Letter Minefield

by Barbecue

Maybe putting all the letters in a minefield was a poor decision.
Any NFL Team Besides the Jaguars

by sathyamc

A shout out to everyone who remembers the days before the Jags joined the league as an expansion team.
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Friday's QuizzesJul 23
Olympics Host Cities Sorting Blitz

by PrincessMartell

Score 10% and you can give yourself a little tinfoil medal.
1980s Slang

by Hejman

Keep this in your back pocket in case you go back in time some day.
Movie Teenagers by Film Blitz

by Doctor_Arzt

But they were probably played by middle-aged adults.
Bruce Springsteen Songs by Image

by I-Am-Batman

We think this quiz is totally boss.
'N' Cities by Clue

by Flick

Bonus points for also playing Clue in these cities.
Intersecting Trivia: History II

by bhenderson79

We'll meet you at the corner of Empire Ave. and Battle Blvd.
Animal Speedsters by Continent

by nibperrychub

Scientists talk about an "evolutionary arms race" - but this seems more like a legs race.
Triplet Phrases

by BanjoZebra

Keep in mind that three's a crowd.
Thursday's QuizzesJul 22
TV Characters by Other Roles II

by ghcgh

An actor's gotta keep working.
Cover the Alphabet - Olympics Host Cities

by PenguinsMeercats

We're holding out hope for Spelling to be added to the Olympics in 2024.
Complete the 'E'-Word Movies (2010s)

by beforever

Until you complete them, these movies just feel unfinished.
One Minute Sudoku

by PatentExaminer

To help you finish in a minute, we cut the number of digits significantly.
Milwaukee Bucks MVP Votes

by dabbas

We'll let you get away with just typing the first name of the most obvious recent answer.
Map Criteria IX

by Barbecue

We put criteria quizzes on the map. Figuratively and literally.
Artist by Popular Spotify Songs VIII

by MSUKent

It's time to stream some music trivia.
Movies of 1970

by El_Dandy

There were definitely not nearly as many remakes and sequels back then.
Wednesday's QuizzesJul 21
Two Word 'I' Movies Match Up

by ddd62291

Does it seem like these movies are speaking in the first person?
Logo Mashup!

by t_rev19

Don't forget to add a little butter.
Trivia Triangles: Animal Answers

by bhenderson79

We've got all sorts of fauna invading the answers to our trivia questions!
Countries Name Game

by LTH

We've discovered a new way to name countries.
Rio Olympic Snapshots

by needapausebutton

Let's take a look back at Rio de Janeiro before we pass the torch to Tokyo.
Slow Reveal: History Edition

by Hejman

We're not in a hurry here.
50 Point NBA Finals

by jackaronson23

These guys put their teams on their backs.
10 to 1: World Religions

by filmstudy

We have faith that you'll be able to sort your way through this.
Around the Perimeter of Illinois

by mg10

No need to worry about the interior of Illinois right now. We're staying around the edges.
Sung Titles: Queen

by wiggytitch

Wouldn't it be weird if Bohemian Rhapsody had a line where they all sang "Bohemian Rhapsody!" in a 4-part harmony?
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