Did It Win Best Picture in the '70s?

by bhenderson79

And which wrong answers should've won?
Capitals by Letter Minefield

by Barbecue

There are no world capitals starting with 'X', so don't even bother trying that letter!
Celebrity Sorting XVI

by WalshyMusic

We should try getting them all together to see if they could sort themselves.
One-Letter-Hint 'C' Countries

by kfastic

Well, one letter in addition to the 'C'. That's a freebie.
Decolorized Logos

by GeoEarthling

Shoutout to those who thought people before the 1950s lived in black and white.
10 Words, 20 Definitions XXVIII

by Arnott

Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?
College by Socks Click II

by JackDots

So who's walking around campus with socks & sandals this semester?
Movies by Difficulty XV

by Larryholmes79

We watch our movies with eyes closed for super hard mode.
Every QB Drafted in 2000–2010

by MSUKent

There were some definite draft steals and busts in this list.
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Monday's QuizzesSep 21
Vegetable Spelling Bee

by Pilgab

Don't worry, we're not making you spell kohlrabi.
Who Played Me in Film? V

by senordingdong

Hopefully the actors can answer this question alright.
Click the 'F' Cartoon Shows

by ddd62291

We feel you'll find this to be fairly fun.
Which State: US Landmarks IV

by alvir28

It seems like some of these landmarks are trying to look like they're not in the US.
Big 4 Sports Champs of the 2010s

by philly_phan

The 5th champ's just feeling left out but we're going to have to be okay with that.
Flags to Country: Stans

by biggs364

We call them Stans, but their moms probably call them Stanleys.
National Portrait Gallery Picture Click: Athletes

by MoMosMoProblems

We're also mixing a lot of art mediums together with this one.
The Many Faces of Bill Murray

by mpoole793

Did his mom ever tell him, "if you keep making that face, it'll get stuck that way"?
Factors of 2020

by sproutcm

Hopefully this quiz will go better for you than 2020 has gone for Earth.
Sunday's QuizzesSep 20
Emmy Best Drama Actors (2010s)

by aglick

We're not ones to cause drama, but it sure is fun to watch it unfold.
Nine in Time: Actresses

by Doctor_Arzt

Just make sure the other eight aren't late while you're at it.
Around the Perimeter of India

by mg10

For extra math, start calculating the area as well.
Sunday Crossword: Three's Company

by bhenderson79

We suppose we should add a disclaimer about how this crossword doesn't actually relate to that old sitcom.
2 Words, 1 Answer: H

by MSUKent

If you feel like it, you can treat the extra word as some kind of bonus hint.
Black or White, Dark or Light Movies

by JoeBeta

Nobody tell them that things typically exist in shades of grey.
Decade by European History

by khands

You can think of decades as chapters in a really long book that keeps getting sequels.
Women of the Supreme Court

by dcfvgh

Here's hoping that one day this list is way longer than four entries.
Let's Make Iron Man's Mask

by El_Dandy

Most of us aren't good enough craftspeople to say that we are Iron Man. Ouch.
Saturday's QuizzesSep 19
NBC Shows by Three Cast Members

by gingerlover

This works really well when you've only got like 3 main characters.
Mixed Word: How to Be a Pirate

by MoMosMoProblems

We're pretty sure there was no pirate trade school to get a pirate degree, but this will definitely help you study for that.
Missing Word Crossword: Best Picture Winners

by BookishGirl98

Now you can do crosswords for movies, perhaps while you watch them.
Flower Girls

by HPGirl

You might not be able to get any of them to show up to your wedding, though.
Musician By S-O-N-G

by jrage2009

In case you weren't listening to the music, we'll spell it out for you.
Saturday Sudoku LXVII

by LyndonG

It would probably be a lot harder to actually fill out the Sudoku grid using roman numerals.
Asia 7-to-1

by samc67

Sorry, 8. Your services won't be needed in this quiz.
NBA Small Forward Photo Minefield

by gazzso

Put these next to all the large backwards photos, whatever those are.
20 Ways Not to Open Your 'Eyes'

by timmylemoine1

This quiz is a real eye opener.
Profile: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

by mhershfield

May her memory be a blessing. Justice Ginsburg (1933-2020).
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