Hangman - Europe

by PenguinsMeercats

How hard would it be to organize a game of hangman across an involving everyone in a continent?
Complete the Thriller Movies (2010s)

by beforever

You could say this would be a quite... thrilling experience.
'A' Islands Country Match

by Pilgab

Well technically it would be "an Island" or "some Islands" but... oh, you're already gone.
Click the Megadiverse Countries

by mg10

Diversity is the spice of life, and also necessary to the functioning of life.
Building Bridges XVII

by jyrops

Considering all the bridges you burn, someone's gotta replace them.
Complete the CCR Songs

by kenneycan

In this case, does CCR stand for 'Complete the Classic Refrains'?
Who Was My President?

by jrage2009

If the VP forgets who his or her President is, it might be time for a new VP.
First Word Sports Movies

by johncenafan612

If a dog can play basketball, you can ace this quiz.
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Sunday's QuizzesApr 11
'A' Fictional Character Blitz

by Flick

Well yes, that is 'A' fictional character there. Astute observation.
Slovak Borders Minefield

by SporcleEXP

Unfortunately, we didn't draw the borders out for you.
5 to 1: Movie Decades

by JohnFran

Since we're looking back on movies we're actually going back to the past.
A Magical Scavenger Hunt of Wizarding Britain

by bhenderson79

If you find the lot, feel free to celebrate with a warm butterbeer.
Last Ten Masters Champions

by Qaqaq

Who's the most masterful champion of all the Masters champions?
Motown Artists Slideshow

by El_Dandy

Why not give them a listen while you're taking this quiz too?
Build-a-Painting III

by petenge

You might even call it the creation of a painting.
10 Down Blitz: US Sitcoms

by Le_Badger

We apologize for omitting everyone's favorite late 80s sitcom 'Just the Ten of Us' when it was RIGHT THERE.
Saturday's QuizzesApr 10
Find the Star: European Capitals VII

by joeydeka

Get 100% on every quiz in the playlist, and you'll be the star.
Multiple WrestleMania Main Events - Minefield

by flytsj1

It's not like we're going to watch the side events, right?
Oscar-Nominated Performances: 2020

by MrWhiplash

This Oscar guy must have a lot of time to pay attention to every single performance.
Letters in Entertainment

by JoeBeta

It's a new, more entertaining alphabet. At least that's what the pitch was.
Subcategory Sort: Automobiles, Restaurants, University

by BookishGirl98

We put them all in the category of things that can get very expensive very quickly.
Movies by Closing Narrations II

by ddd62291

Our favorite movies are the ones that end with the narrator telling us everything we just saw.
Saturday Sudoku XCVI

by KeeshCab

If nothing else, the Saturday Sudoku series may teach you about Roman numerals.
Profile: Thurgood Marshall

by Hejman

Seems like he'd be too busy to set up a FaceBook profile, so we've got him covered.
Rock and Roll Hall of Famer or Not?

by C22zm

It takes more than just a studded leather jacket to get in.
Friday's QuizzesApr 9
Paint Asia!

by bhenderson79

We're going to need a bigger brush.
Find the Scrambled Movie Men

by SporcleEXP

You can put your whisk away, we've already scrambled them for you.
Click the US Presidents by Picture (Random Minefield)

by El_Dandy

Despite his two non-consecutive terms, we're only making you click Cleveland once.
Graphic Grid: One-Word Movies II

by MoMosMoProblems

One word is all you have, especially when you're getting kicked out of his swamp.
Palindromic Celebrities

by BanjoZebra

Do geese see god? Think about it, maybe backwards too.
This, But Not That XXVIII

by Arnott

Are we ever going to do a That, But Not This?
Odd Team Out - Big 4 Players

by NYYanks

What if there's an even number of teams?
Profile: Prince Philip

by Flick

Rest in peace to the longest serving consort in British history.
'R' Albums by 3 Singles

by ghcgh

We promise this isn't some kind of "restricted" rating.
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