One-Word Novels Mix-and-Match

by Pilgab

Does mixing and matching plots of novels eventually create fanfiction?
Building the Beatles

by GeoEarthling

We'll leave you to figure out what materials you want to build with.
Click the Ground Pokémon (Gen. 1)

by beforever

This quiz covers a lot of ground... Pokémon.
Jobs by Lego

by johncenafan612

Wouldn't it seem appropriate if all Lego people worked in construction?
Movies by Staircase Scene

by puzzman3d

What a strange way to remind us we should take the stairs more.
Tectonic Countries

by n1v3hr3

We feel the Earth move under our feet.
Silhouettes: Hanna-Barbera Characters

by Perspektive

If you score a 100%, feel free to reward yourself with a Scooby Snack.
2 Words, 1 Answer: L

by MSUKent

Try not to take a big L with this one, alright?
Sun Logos

by t_rev19

Fortunately, you can stare directly at these logos without damaging your eyes.
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Sunday's QuizzesJun 20
Follow That Line: Rick and Morty II

by Chenchilla

Instant failure if you roll around on the floor of a McDonald's yelling you're "Pickle Rick" for szechuan sauce.
Planets by Area (Treemap)

by markassonne

We're pretty sure that only one planet contains any trees. In our solar system, anyway.
Who Wrote That 'M' Book?

by El_Dandy

We're covering everything from Moby-Dick to Midnight's Children.
Father Figures

by KingPhoebus

Who's your daddy? These guys, apparently.
Finish the Two-Word Band II

by LTH

We give you the first word, so half the work is already done for you.
Sunday Crossword: The Height of Summer

by AuroraIllumina

This is the hottest crossword you'll play all year.
-stan Consonants

by Flick

Stan Lee, what are you doing here? This is a geography quiz!
2014 Movie Characters by Film Blitz

by Doctor_Arzt

How many movies did you see that year?
15 in 15: MLB NL Teams

by pecheneg

There are exactly 15 NL teams. How convenient!
Saturday's QuizzesJun 19
Political Activists by First Names

by Noldeh

Being on a first name basis with political activists doesn't always make you politically active by proxy.
Photographs in Films

by BigAl1994

Now we just have to put some films inside those photographs and we've added another layer.
Go with the Flow: Alphabet Letters

by GeoEarthling

Who needs to "be like water" when they could just "be like the alphabet"?
Musical Sorting Gallery: Pride

by lruss108

Maybe succeeding on this quiz will leave you feeling a little proud, too.
Did It Win an Outstanding Comedy Emmy? II

by bhenderson79

These shows have provided a lot of outstanding laughs.
Saturday Sudoku CI

by Joshie_the_great

It's our 101st Saturday Sudoku entry!
Click the Country: 'G' Cities

by beforever

We're not sure what the "G" stands for. That's for you to figure out.
Name 10 in 30: NBA Logos

by MSUKent

Imagine if we made them all play each other at once.
Multicolor Paint-By-Numbers III

by sproutcm

We're no good at painting with brushes so we just pulled out math instead.
Friday's QuizzesJun 18
Disney+ Movie Premieres

by Thebiguglyalien

You may have watched their TV shows, but have you seen their movies?
Map Criteria VIII

by Barbecue

They already fulfilled the criteria of "being a place on a map" so you don't have to check.
Two Word 'H' Movies Match Up

by ddd62291

As always, we like the possibilities for wrong answer combos here. We'd watch "Hamburger Homicide" for sure.
1970s Slang

by Hejman

Just start adopting this lexicon and see how long it takes for people to notice.
F-O-O-D Foods

by Slinenfest

Alright, well now we're really hungry. Still can't spell, though.
Denver Nuggets MVP Votes

by dabbas

If you win the award, you'll be feeling mile high.
The Last Word: Musicals (A-Z)

by Flick

Why just have the last word when you could sing it and flex even harder?
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