Giraffe or Roti Prata

by sproutcm

It seems like it should be easier to differentiate between a large mammal and a flatbread.
5 to 1: France

by mg10

5 + 1 is 6 and France has 6 letters in it. Coincidence? Yes.
1980s Movies A-Z VI

by ghcgh

Might as well watch an entire alphabet's worth of movies, right?
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Tuesday's QuizzesMar 2
Map Criteria V

by Barbecue

We put criteria quizzes on the map.
Old Photos: World Leaders

by MSUKent

Well they can't be that old if they don't predate cameras, right?
15 Seconds of Fame: Halle Berry

by Doctor_Arzt

We're pretty sure Halle Berry has been famous for more than 15 seconds.
Click the 'C' Bordering Countries

by teedslaststand

So does the "C" stand for click, country, or is it a grade?
TV Networks by One Letter of Logo

by jackaronson23

Here's your font identification practice for the day.
One Face, Two Characters

by KStericker

This sounds like it should be Harvey Dent's favorite quiz.
Click the Languages A-Z

by ceciliacarlid

Unfortunately this won't help much when it comes to gaining multilingual status.
US Cities: One Football, But Not The Other

by Viktrodriguez

We've got two feet, so why not both?
History of Philosophy Names Match-up

by khands

In many cases, this could also be a 'History of Epic Mustaches Match-up'.
Monday's QuizzesMar 1
UK Name Consonants

by Flick

We call it 'UK' but its actual name is 46-letters long.
Movie B-L-I-T-Z

by babymonkee

How quickly can you spell a 5-letter word out of movie stills?
Gaming Acrostic Puzzle

by bhenderson79

It's a game about games. What more could you ask for?
4-Letter Asian Country Blitz

by sproutcm

A blitz feels less daunting when you know the words are going to be really short.
Six Flags Over Texas

by Lukedude

We're not taking about roller coasters in this quiz. Well, maybe a figurative historical roller coaster ride.
Mission Words

by spanachan

String a bunch of these words together and you just might get a Mission Monologue.
3 Books by Toni Morrison

by zonkeda

Also known as 3 books you should go read if you have time.
South Park Character Color Click Blitz

by GeoEarthling

This quiz really highlights the fact that cartoon characters never seem to change their clothes.
Find the Fake: Element Symbols

by justindi01

Maybe some of them will be real symbols one day when scientists synthesize some new elements.
Sunday's QuizzesFeb 28
Golden Globe and Emmy: Drama Series

by El_Dandy

We're pretty sure a lot of drama goes on at the Golden Globes. Not sure if Emmy is causing it, working on that investigation.
Profile: Harriet Tubman

by timschurz

Who better to close out Black History Month?
MLB American League MVPs (1990s)

by Propellerhead

How hard could it be to hit a ball with a stick and run fast? Very.
Restated Spanish Words III

by LTH

No Spanish language knowledge required for this one - just a love of anagrams!
Pick 3 Islands

by shirleyalpha

Make sure you also have a list of things to bring in case you get stranded.
Sunday Crossword: Elementary Phrases

by Purple_Parrot

We ironed out the kinks in this crossword, so now it's good as gold.
Complete the 'C'-Word Movies (2010s)

by beforever

Does "Complete" count since it's already a "C" word? Too many layers.
Countries of the Americas Population Highs and Lows

by Carlwev

Today we're operating only on extremes.
Spot the Difference XLVIII

by Cutthroat

What can you spy with your little eye?
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