A-Z Characters: The Simpsons

by timschurz

There are enough seasons to do more than one season per letter of the alphabet now, right?
Six Sixes in Sixty: Literature

by skipster73

Will this have books like Slaughterhouse-6 and Around the World in 6 Days, or are we remembering those titles wrong?
Comic Book Character by Three Iterations

by MooseRhino07

It's like every character is turning into Multiple Man.
Is That the Language? Europe

by NO_r_WAY

If they can understand what you're asking, then it should be fine?
5 Answers to 1: Classic Rock

by mister_pianoman

Music 90s
What defines a classic rock? It's size? Smoothness? Whether it was found on a hiking trail or by a riverbed?
Sunday Crossword: I Fear for the Calendar...

by Cutthroat

"Oh, you're hungry? Nice to meet you, hungry, I'm dad."
Mexican Borders Minefield

by SporcleEXP

Geography 30s
Be sure to have your passport ready.
International Footballers: Spot the Spaniards

by Horgems

Sports 3m
Have any of them kicked a football across international borders?
7-to-1 Cinematic Villains

by Kajagogo

Movies 5m
Can you sort these on-screen evildoers?
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Saturday's QuizzesSep 25
Logo Orientation

by alohatrippster

If you rotate the logo just right maybe you have a new company on your hands.
Astronomy Typing Challenge

by BanjoZebra

Science 60s
Can your fingers travel at light speed?
Star Wars Actors in Other Films

by jgarz15

Movies 8m
"Hold onto your butts!"
TV Show Slideshow Acrostic (NBC)

by ylime102

This quiz makes us wonder if TV networks ever spell secret messages in their programming lineup.
Sporcle Minesweeper XV

by LyndonG

Here's a throwback for anyone who enjoyed the gaming that Windows 95 could provide.
Saturday Sudoku CXV

by reservar123

You might call it a logic-based, combinatorial number-placement puzzle. But we just like to call it Sudoku.
Not Only... But Also: Celebrities

by knightlancer

Not only are they celebrities, but they are also in this quiz!
Click the 'R' Flags

by mg10

Geography 45s
The Jolly Roger is not included, because that's an "Arrrr" flag.
Pixel Art - NFL Team XIII

by goc3

Sports 3m
This feels like Tecmo Bowl, but with a lot of extra teams.
Friday's QuizzesSep 24
Country on a Map Per Letter: Africa

by NO_r_WAY

Geography 60s
We're pretty sure none of them start with 'X', so you can skip that one for sure.
Women Singers by Song 7-to-1

by samc67

Music 6m
We're starting this quiz off with Madonna and Rihanna. But after that, they don't all rhyme.
Anagram Word Building XVI

by biggs364

Fun fact: One possible anagram for 'Word Building' is 'Druid Bowling'.
Hide Your 'Q', 'X', 'Y', and 'Z' Movies

by El_Dandy

Movies 6m
It's time for all those unpopular letters to shine!
5 Gaming Fivesomes

by timschurz

Gaming 5m
Sorry jokers, the fives are wild today.
Sets of Three XIII

by nspyred

It's our 13th quiz about ten sets of three things. That's a bunch of multiplication we don't feel like doing right now.
Harry Potter Objects

by JackDots

It's like a mail-order catalogue for all of Diagon Alley.
Anything but the Picture: History

by GeoEarthling

History 2m
If we go far enough back in history, the only pictures available will be cave paintings.
Cincinnati Reds 25+ HRs Single Season

by jgrub7

Sports 8m
We're all about that long ball.
Thursday's QuizzesSep 23
4-to-1 Blitz: History

by BookishGirl98

History 30s
Feel free to play this quiz twice so you can say that 'history repeats itself.'
Logo Mashup! II

by t_rev19

Don't forget to add a little butter.
Erase Asia by Capital (A-Z)

by goc3

If you've done your job correctly, Asia will be a blank void when the quiz is over.
Missing Literature Antonyms

by Tom_the_Terrible

Some of these sound like they'd make more interesting topics than the real books.

by aeries

Movies 3m
This quiz is waiting. It's time to get a move on.
Artist by First #1 Hit VI

by ghcgh

Music 3m
Consider this a playlist suggestion for the day. Nothing but the hits.
Trees Logic Puzzle XIII

by Katie_Wandering

We love trees puzzles. It's in our nature.
First to 250 Home Runs by Team

by kjeverhart

Sports 6m
It's remarkable that some of these teams were around for about 100 years before a player reached this milestone.
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