Disney By Decade

by LTH

We're fairly sure that 'Wreck-It Ralph' didn't come out in the 1930s.
Take the Long Way Home (Maze) II

by jyrops

Sometimes you just have to take the scenic route.
Cover the Alphabet - South American Countries

by PenguinsMeercats

It must be one big alphabet if entire countries are required to cover it.
Harry Potter: Most Lines in Every Chapter (Book 2)

by Doctor_Arzt

Some people just like to hog all the spotlight.
Thursday's QuizzesNov 14
MCU Lineup Blitz

by Thebiguglyalien

They don't always stand in a line like that, though.
Modern Countries of the Ottoman Empire

by NO_r_WAY

We'll tell you that Barbados isn't one of them. The rest is up to you.
Sporcle's Easiest Island Nation (per Letter)

by Flick

That's "Easiest Island", not "Easter Island".
1960s Movie Taglines

by janbednarczuk

A spoonful of Sporcle helps the trivia go down.
Logos Through the Ages: Disney Channel

by timschurz

Change the logos, not the channel.
Finish the Song with a Band

by strokes_static

Hopefully a band began the song as well.
Books Missing 'K' Words

by kfastic

You don't see many books with 'Kyrgyzstan' in the title, unfortunately.
Airport Namesakes

by dancastro

Some people really do believe they can fly.
Vowel-less Thanksgiving Foods

by WalshyMusic

Even with their vowels removed, these foods are filling.
Wednesday's QuizzesNov 13
Letter Pyramid - North American Countries

by PenguinsMeercats

North America has some pretty excellent pyramids, too.
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle XIX

by sproutcm

After playing enough of these quizzes, you'd think that the real islands should have numbers on them too.
LogiCrossword: Rainbow

by El_Dandy

If you were to play this twice, it would be 'LogiCrossword: Double Rainbow.'
States by 'L' Cities

by stereo_love

We're breaking it up so we don't end up with "elemeno" cities.
NFL Commissioner Picture Click

by Hejman

We'd make a commissioner joke, but we don't want to get fined!
Find the Missing Fauna in Games

by timmylemoine1

Go on Sonic, leave those rings alone and click the animals!
Find the Element Groups

by teedslaststand

Don't forget your lab coat and goggles. Safety first!
Tuesday's QuizzesNov 12
Clickable Chess Moves - Pawn

by goc3

So are stores that only sell chess boards also called 'pawn shops'?
'The Little Mermaid' Start to Finish

by Thebiguglyalien

Red hair? Check. Obsession with Muggles? Check. OK, Ariel is definitely a Weasley.
4x4 Image Crossword: Movie Posters

by bhenderson79

Big screen, little crossword.
Europe by Soccer Teams II

by NO_r_WAY

We think you'll get a kick out of this one.
African Capitals Armageddon!

by geshmonkey

Don't expect Ben Affleck to be much help here.
‘B’ Medical Terms

by Bellelady

Yeah, B's aren't really going to cut it if you're trying to get into medical school.
80s Album Title Match-Up

by babymonkee

Let's match up some titles that you may have owned on cassette.
Pair o' Phrases: Athletes

by LTH

Most of them would probably make a strange pair in some hybrid sport.
Click an ABC Show (1980s)

by qlh27

Pick up the phone, the '80s are calling!
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